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Without light

Searching for light, while December takes away most of our light (or at least so on the Northern hemisphere). Waiting for the test camera to arrive and I hope my (previous) GX200 arrives… Continue reading

Moment of reflection

Upcoming Saturday this blog will celebrate its two year’s anniversary. It went from 619 views in the first full month to 20,606 views in the previous month. It was certainly something I had… Continue reading

The Grand Route

Some first captures with the Ricoh GR Digital I. Not the one I tested in September and the camera being reviewed by Cristian Sorega. No, this is the original one which was released… Continue reading

Without words

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

Looking for street

Just last week I was with my family in Amsterdam visiting science center Nemo. While going back to the Central Station I had finally a chance to try my Canon 10D for some… Continue reading