A month later

2020, Photography, thoughts, visuals

A little over a month ago I published my previous blog post. I was full of plans and ideas, but in the meantime something went wrong in the execution.

In April I wrote that had a TIA at the end of March. After that I started to walk and cycle a lot. I started to work hard on my daily skill of fitness. I got prescribed medication and after almost two months of using that I started to feel bad. I still try to recover from it, but it took away any joy of photographing and working on my images.


Currently I can’t be bothered with photography. I don’t care for cameras, I hardly look at Instagram anymore, and I don’t find a lof of inspiration.


I’m still in doubt about my photography. I kind of lost my interest in some of the genres. And cycling doesn’t help either. When walking I more easily pause to make a photograph. While cycling I rather keep the momentum of the pedalling flow rather then halting to grab my camera or phone.


I do observe though, and seeing those inspire me. I’m doing more sketches now, try to work on my illustrating skills, and experiment to see how I can combine techniques and ideas to melt them together.

Twenty years ago I did a lot of compositing where I mixed illustrations, typography with photography. Twenty years later I noticed a new interest for this art form.


21 thoughts on “A month later

  1. Wouter, I’ve been reading you on and off for years and am knocked back considerably by your revelations. From my deepest recesses, I wish you nothing but well, and soon. In all ways. Whether you pick up a camera again or not, I hope you find some sincere joy in self-expression and I’m sure as many, I hope also to read that you’re keeping as well as you can. Very best wishes and thanks for your many contributions to our art. Keep going!! Rob. 🙏

    1. It is possibly not the feel good story, although there are a lot of things to enjoy. Sounds like an idea for a next blog post. Maybe my interest will change, but I do enjoy self-expression and will try to do so in some form. Thank you Rob for your support.

  2. Hi Wouter, greetings from Chile. I think I am seeing your work in the era pre-instagram or massive internet. I came along searching good photographers who use Ricoh Gr haha.
    You always have been a good artist, you have an easy writing and good eye for photos.
    Send good energy for you!

    1. Thank you Rodolfo. Those days were nice, they came with less expectations. I remember I wrote about stroll photography. Just walk, the camera doesn’t matter, a flow, and the images in the end will make sense and speak for themselves.

  3. Sometimes we need to try something else, to find new inspirations… the most important thing is to find your balance in life with all the problems that you may encounter there. I like what you’re showing here. I’m not sure you’ll find something in Instagram, maybe inspiration in some other users…
    best Regards

    1. Regarding Instagram I believe there is still a lot of inspiring work in between the Facebook like posts. For me though, working on something else does mean I won’t share that work until I find myself comfortable with it. It is true that balance is without a doubt the most import thing in life. That balance does however shift when sudden things occur. Merci et salut.

  4. Hello Wouter! This is coming to you from South Carolina, USA. I wish you the absolute best in your recovery from the TIA. Life can change in the blink of the eye and there is no way to prepare for it. However, my belief is that we need to have and execute three actions to be successful. They are: 1.) Set a goal; 2.) Have determination (to achieve that goal); and 3.) Have discipline (to work hard, every waking hour of every day) to continually move forward in your quest. Your work in B&W has always been a favorite of mine, as well as being inspirational,

  5. Wouter, I’m staggered and saddened to hear your news, I wish you all the best, my friend, for the future. My only advice is not to be concerned or anxious about letting go of photography, don’t try to fight it. Its obvious that you are a highly creative person, and these composited images you’ve posted here are excellent. Adrian 🙂

    1. It’ll be alright Adrian. I try to normalise it, but I realise that a lot has happened this spring. But not only to me, but pretty much all of us. I hope you’re OK too?

      In some way the creativity will come, maybe the execution will change.

  6. I wish you a speedy recovery, Wouter. I’ve been following you, off and on, for many years. Like you, I have taken a good number of extended breaks from photography during that time. I hope to see more of your art, in whatever form, when you are ready to share it.

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