2020, Photography

Well, it took me ages to get this blog up and running again. So much has happened in the last couple of years, and soon I will take more time to explain it all. For now I am just glad to start posting again. Social media platforms have almost completely killed blogging, and once popular photography platforms, so my simple and modest contribution can be to share more photographs on my blog.

So stay safe, look after one another, and be kind to each other. Peace.








32 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 49

  1. Sometimes it takes ages to do the smallest things. And sometimes, I think, the bigger projects or things that take over our lives can happen faster than anyone ever thinks. Not that a person spends too much time thinking, when they are in the middle of something. It’s a treat to see more of your images….especially the old man staring at the guns in the shop window. Hopefully the collective insanity which seems to be raising its head simultaneously in so many places will dissipate – and humans will find ways to keep being humane. Your pictures help, Wouter.

    1. We have a new reality and we all have to play our part. It is an interesting time to reflect on what matters and it makes life simple too. Thank you Miguel, and stay safe.

  2. Wouter it was a delight to have your new post pop up in my email today. Welcome back, your pictures and thoughts are always enjoyable.

    I’ve had a number of conversations this year where it feels like there’s a minor revival of blogs, people tired of the fast pace and superficial nature of other social media platforms, and wanting to return the more thoughtful, deeper and slower nature of blogging – as authors and readers.

    Look forward to more.

    (I know you don’t like gear questions but are you still using just an iPhone for photography?)

    1. Thank you Dan. I hope there will be a revival of blogs, and I admire that you kept going. I started 13 years ago, but feel excited to get this going again.

      I still predominately use an iPhone for my photography. It is unbelievable how good these phone cameras with computational photography have become. Maybe I might go for a system camera though for more serious/thoughtful work.

  3. Wouter, very good to see you back! And an excellent collection of images to return with. I very much agree with your thoughts about social media platforms and blogging and, like you, I’m sticking to sharing images on my blog. I look forward to more of your pictures! Adrian.

    1. I’m glad to see you back, Adrian. Yeah, blogs are still great and allows you to take more time to see photographs and read the articles. It shows more respect for the content being created.

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