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So often we say that whatever you do in life it is all a choice. But what is the meaning and value of choices when the decisions are made by others? When you’re just a mere part of a greater scheme of things? Or when you’re only option left is not really a choice anyway?

While it was a choice for many Syrians to stand up for democracy against a dictatorship, it wasn’t their choice that over 20 countries used, the protester’s desire for democracy and prosperity, as a theatre of proxy wars.

It can be a choice to vote someone mentally unfit or psychopathic into office, but in the end we’re all left harmed with the consequences.

It is sad and heartbreaking when you think you’re only option left is stepping out of this life. Thinking this week of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. But also my former colleague David who committed suicide three years ago. Mental illness should be taken seriously. It can do harm to those affected, while family and friends ultimately left behind.

It is sad and heartbreaking when you’re being sick and your death sentence is already signed. And the only option remaining was certainly not the choice you wanted to make.

It is sad and heartbreaking that you’re choice is unwanted by others. Thinking of those who decided to leave their motherland, seeking peace, safety, and prosperity, but you’re not wanted by others.

I can’t give any sensible advice, I think. I don’t have a top 5 list with things to do. All I can say is to talk with one another. Respect each other and cherish all things in life, the beauty and ugliness, in all it’s purity. Just beware of the red signs and try to respond accordingly. I guess.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

9 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Talk, respect and love of life are unfortunately very scarce in this world.

    And getting worse… sometimes it’s hard to go on but we have to!

    There’s no easy way out and there’s always a solution.

    1. I don’t believe in destiny, but more that destiny is the result of the things that occurred to you, the insights and knowledge gained, the amount of love and genuine interest you gave, and the choices you made, or have been made for you. Sometimes embracing is the only way out. Like you say, not an easy way though.

        1. I’ve come a long way since last year. Last year was dark and full of anxiety. What really worked for me was positive mindfulness. I did sports two times a week to strengthen my physical fitness too. And I talked twice a week with therapists to mentally cope with it and move forward again.

  2. As always, thank you Wouter.

    I try to behave positively to all those around me, strangers and friends. Most importantly when I’m not feeling like doing it. Their responses always uplift my day. And always push myself out into the world where life awaits.

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