This time a small collection, but after my previous blog post I thought a lot about how to change my workflow. The ACDSee Beta for Mac is nice, but not really fast and not fully featured. It is still a beta, so it comes with pros and cons. Often more cons.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Today I used my ancient Ricoh GRD3 again. It is still a nice camera, even when I lost the rear thumb grip. Engaging the menu was something different though. With every press it switched of the menu. And it took me nearly 5 minutes to set the correct date again. Something is seriously wrong with that camera.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

This week I will keep using the GRD3, and hope it will last.


All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


12 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 25

  1. Wouter, I’m especially pleased to see you’re using your GRD3 again – I bought one recently, your old review being the final push I needed to get one. And I absolutely love it.

    I really like the colours here, where they in-camera settings or shot RAW and processed afterwards? I’ve been mostly using my GRD3 for black and white, having it on the b/w setting so I can see in the screen when composing what it looks like, but then using the RAW file and a preset plus bit of tweaking in LightRoom to create the final image. For colour I’ve been enjoying the “Cross Process” scene mode on the camera, which your pictures are reminiscent of.

    1. I try to keep ISO as low as possible, and only shoot jpegs. Eventually I processed these on my iPhone with VSCO. The colors come from the P5 preset. Enjoy that little gem, Dan.

      1. So far I’m happy with ISO400 and below for b/w, and for colour then like you say as low as possible seems to flatter the lens best. That Auto-Hi ISO mode is fantastic, especially as the camera seems to always go for lowest ISO first, then max aperture, and only then starts to drop the shutter speed. Since the GRDIII lens seems just as great wide open, I love this – lots of shots at ISO64 and f/1.9!

        I’m enjoying it hugely – just got the 21mm lens attachment too, which of course reduces the compactness a little, but is great fun.

        1. That 21mm lens is pretty amazing. One of my photographs with the 21mm lens attachment got printed at size A0 for a Photokina show a couple of years ago. With the small sensor, fast aperture, and low ISO speed it can be a very good camera.

          1. A0 is big, that’s very impressive!

            I’m highly impressed with the GRD III so far, not just the images but the handling and how well designed everything is.

            I confess I started exploring other Ricohs and have ordered a GX200. The idea of something similar to the size, handling and controls of a GRD with a zoom you can set be stepped at 24, 28 and 35mm (I read your review on this too!) was too enticing to resist. The one I’ve found also has the 19mm wide angle lens adapter…

            1. I had the GX200 too. I got it as a replacement for a GX100. The step zoom is fantastic. It was just the sensor output that I didn’t like. It was different from the GX100 and the GRD3.

  2. Thanks much for your inspiring photos and thoughts; I´m also still very content with a Ricoh GRDIV. Looking forward to your next posts – kind regards from Berlin

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