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The titles of my more or less recent blogposts feel ought in relation to the photographs I share. I think my thoughts are newer and even more relevant than my photographs.

IMG_0944 blog

The thing is that so much has happened, especially family life. At some point I couldn’t enjoy things I did and took place around me. It really took a while before I realized that.

I just don’t take many photographs now, making photographs even less so. Writing is not easy and finding proper words even more.

IMG_1068 blog

I’m now working on it. Finding energy, willingness, piece by piece. Nothing is lost, it all takes time and I shouldn’t be in any hurry.

In the meantime I try to keep posting on this irregular basis. The sun shines while I’m writing, and I like that.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

17 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 22

  1. Wouter,

    There are difficult times and less difficult times but everything seems to want to distract us from what’s essential for our souls.

    It’s hard to fight and to go on making photographs, blogging, sharing the passion with others.

    But it’s essential to go on, to keep working….

    1. Well Frank, I couldn’t work full throttle on all fronts. So I had to make some decisions and prioritize things. And family always comes first, always. I’m thinking about photography a lot though and wondering how it can fit in with how I feel. And not allowing myself to make pictures of barbed wires or fences.

      It is not lost, it is all just there. And will hopefully be unleashed at some point again. Thank you Frank.

  2. Wouter,
    You are so right about slowing down. Being impatient deliver things any faster, it just creates anxiousness, and dissatisfaction.
    Work at the right pace, inspiration will come…

      1. I am not so much worried about the inspiration. I don’t find it satisfying and don’t really enjoy it. It all was just too much., therefore the break. And yes, by taking this break I hope to avoid the anxiety.

  3. “I should not be in any hurry”. That’s the key. We wrongly feel we owe other people an explanation when giving priority to family – like you – or (in my case) health issues. It has probably something to do with today’s online sharing cult, but it’s still nonsense of course.

    In the pre-internet era, I sometimes did not take any picture for two years because life got in the way. Nobody cared. And I did not think too much about it myself, because I always knew there would come a point where I would pick up a camera again.

    Now one sees the number of Instagram followers drop when nothing it posted for a week (and when a photo is posted after a long time, nobody notice it because IG’s algorithm has forgotten all about you.). So be it.

    1. In the pre-internet era it was different, unless you shared your work with a small group of people and you started to get questions why you didn’t bring any new work,

      I am just stressed out, or burned out. Just call it what you will. So I shouldn’t be in any hurry. You know it all too well with your health, Robert.

      I’m thinking of returning to “photos, no words” blog post, when ever I feel like it. And gradually try to build up a new set of work (to deal with).

      1. Yeah, finding your own pace (and adjusting if necessary) is important. Taking pictures has always been a kind of therapy for me, an “escape” from the bad stuff. Currently, there are days when listening to music or just watching silly TV shows do a better job. And that’s fine – it doesn’t mean I’m less passionate about photography.

  4. I’ve just discovered your site and photography via a link on Steve Huff’s blog to a Ricoh GRD iii review from some eight years ago. Loved your photos from that review and it’s made the camera top of my wishlist. Coming here to your most recent post I really like the images here too, and have started following.

    I wish you all the best in finding new energy and peace. Rest assured that people are enjoying and being inspired by your photographs – new people daily.

    Best, Dan.

    1. I stopped writing about cameras, Dan. I hoped photographers were smarter and cared more about photographs. How wrong was I. Instead, all I care for is photographs. Thank you for following.

      1. To be honest, I didn’t read much of your GRD iii review, the photographs were enough to convince me I wanted one. Much as I would like to be acknowledged for photography, my top 14 most popular photos on my Flickr are pictures of cameras. I think there are far more people interested in the gear than what they might make with it.

        My interest in the GRD comes from reviewing a few photos from five or six years ago taken with a Nikon Coolpix compact and wondering why I’ve gone through at least a hundred film cameras and maybe a dozen digital cameras since. The Coolpix images aren’t very different at all. So maybe something like the Ricoh could be a camera I could always have with me and focus just on making images, not worrying about the kit I’m choosing and using.

        Anyway, looking forward to exploring the archives of your photography and blog.

        1. I think, Dan, it might come down to a desire to eliminate choices, to simplify things. That little Ricoh camera is all about simplification. Prime lens, small sensor, large depth of field. And the camera is a bit of a underdog, and often a reflection of the desires of the photographer too. It may sound strange, but it is awesome to be good with great tools. It is often even greater to be really good with simple tools.

          In a way cameras allow us to photograph, and too many cameras can easily kill it too.

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