2017, Photography


I’m probably not such an interesting person to follow. I don’t speak eloquently about my photography, nor do I think I create anything special.


I won’t try to be a teacher. I don’t use the right gear and talk meaningful and exciting about it.


I don’t care about street photography. I don’t need to compare myself. Don’t care about their “big balls”. There are so many better photographers out there and I’m really stoked about that.


I don’t see myself as a photographer anyway. Comes with assumptions. I just don’t care about all those things. It sounds cheesy, but just a few moments a day allows me to keep my head above the water.


I don’t want to be detached. I just want to create a little space for myself.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


22 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 17

  1. you seem to talk about yourself a lot. Some would call you self obsessed. Why not just take the pictures and enjoy it as a pleasurable thing to do instead of all these angst ridden posts.

      1. Ignore the spite.

        Keep on doing what you’re doing Wouter. I’ve been enjoying your posts for a few years (It’s also partly your fault I bought a GR.

  2. Wouter, you are a voice of sanity in this current over-sold, over-hyped, instagram-pumped, gear-infested world of photography. I follow you because your voice connects with the part of me that craves simplicity. As always, thanks and keep the posts flowing.

    1. I don’t care where photographs are being taken. I dislike the idea of thinking in genres, but I may take photographs that others think are street photographs. I rather take photographs while strolling.

  3. Do what is right for you. Live in these moments. I am supportive of what you do, how you do it. Lately, I don’t have the energy to see anything in the world. Please keep showing what is every day there in front of us.

      1. For me your photos has that “street aesthetics”. But it doesn’t matter. Just saying what I feel.

  4. I just read something which I thought you might like (unfortunately, there was no source – but it’s the thought that counts).

    A famous photographer was a guest in a famous restaurant. The chef recognised him and came to his table.
    “You take such wonderful photos,” he told the photographer. “You must have a very good camera.”
    The photographer replied: “You cook such wonderful dishes. You must have great pots.”

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