2017, Photography


Once a camera for me was part of the photographic attraction, but camera related stuff is also why I sometimes feel so uncomfortable between other photographers. I just don’t care what others use. And I don’t care what camera I use. My latest real camera is still the Ricoh GR I got in 2013. The camera still works, I presume. I don’t care. Don’t know.


Convenience right now is all I care for me. Something I always have with me. Something that is easy to handle and is easy to share my photographs with other devices or platforms. Instead of bothering about cameras, shutter speeds, apertures, ISO settings, I rather photograph or film anything that interests me.


Right now I just don’t know what I’m doing. I connect with something, I photograph. I only show a very limited amount of work. I’m thinking more about a coherence, maybe even a project. Or maybe even a small break from photography. I just don’t know. I guess I will follow where my heart and mind will bring me. And I just use an iPhone. It is enough for me.


All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


19 thoughts on “WEEK COLLECTION 16

  1. Wonderful pictures, Wouter! The last one is amazing. Contrast, detail…. all the things I like. I hate to admit it but it’s quite a great film look. Did you do anything magic with film presets or is it more or less OOC?

    1. Sure, in a way it does, but if you got your phone in hand at the right moment the photo is OK. Imagine Wouter reaching for his camera for that last shot, turning it on and… darn, the guy looks up and the moment is gone.

      1. In this case phone camera for this situation was better than other camera…so, it matters, because with other camera he would not make such photo, or maybe yes, it depends …

  2. I love the pictures you take. I also agree with you, it is not about the camera it’s about the eye.. what you see. Technology has changed the way we even look at ourselves.

  3. you just reminded me of how huge GR was a cult back then if not now. At this point, you can still easily go back to the GR21. It’s something not another brand and model can build again. And there’re just so many failure which made some of us see it all through. I think there’re just way too much electronic waste (even mobile products alone) when all the brands are pushing for a model update.

    1. It is a business model that is not sustainable anymore. We should return to products that last much longer, but these changes will have impact many people’s lives. I made up my mind that I might not buy another camera for a very long while and just use my smart phone instead.

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