2017, Photography


My blog is my personal outlet. Sure sometimes I rant, but I try to avoid being a critique of photography tendencies. You see, when you become critical of others you should, in my opinion, also be your best self critique. Therefore I don’t try to be a preacher or teacher. What I photograph and share is what I see and feel. What I write is what I do and believe in.


I personally feel I photograph genre-less, but I try do it with pure intent. Genres comes with expectations, both set by me and maybe expected by others. I try to do things, because I want it to do. Not because others do it. I very much appreciate your visit to my blog, but first and foremost I photograph and share for myself.


When I write, I try to pen down what is on my mind. I still try to overcome a lack of energy after a couple of very intense months. The days are getting longer though and it is unbelievable how much positive drive you can get from a still shining sun when I get home late from work.


These small things, like extra time of sun, a brief moment of seeing something interesting worth capturing really helps me throughout the day. That is what I like.


All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


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