So last week I read this article on Image Resource by Jaron Schneider. It was titled “In making photography accessible to all, photography inadvertently killed itself”. A poignant title for sure and from a commercial point of view it might be true to some extent.


I don’t see photography like a commercial thing. For me it is all about creativity, passion. And the accessibility and democratization of photography has helped me to be more creative.


Therefore I don’t give a %$@* about gear. Name your camera, just do so. Buy new cameras every new release cycle, what ever. Fancy new technologies and techniques, be a happy camper. I just don’t need it.


All I care for are the photographs, people’s mindset and the reasoning of doing things the way they did it. So photography may be dead. Manufacturers disappear when less are cameras are being sold. Sad that people lose their jobs, but it won’t kill photography.


The industry needs to realize that the best reasons to buy a new camera are when the previous one stopped working or when you’ve outgrown your current camera. Don’t buy a camera for the things you might do, but buy a camera only for the needs you have right now. It still makes my day when a young kid with a smartphone makes more interesting pictures.


Be free in your thinking, curiosity, and ‘just do it’ attitude makes you a lot better photographer. And person too.


I try to make photography a part of me. I don’t have the desire to monetize it. I just love to do photography and share it.


It helps me to balance my being. Even just a couple of seconds of just seeing and making a photography can help me through the day.


All photographs by Wouter