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After week 73 there came no new photographs. No new blog post with curated photographs of the previous week. None of that. After 73 weeks, and many personal events in between, I think it was enough. Enough at least to share, enough at last to keep my photo a day project going like I used to. It feels like I’m on a crossroad and I feel the urge to figure out what direction I want to go. Maybe somewhere there is already a lead, so I decided to pause and contemplate on what I’ve been doing.

I feel about photography in many, almost, conflicting way’s. As much as it comes from what happens in front of the camera, and possibly triggers me, I wonder how much photography is really about what happens in the photograph. In fact, what we capture, might not even have happened. I’m probably more attracted to the interpretational side of photography then the more observational part. Likely also because I think the observational part is strongly affected by how we, as individuals, interpret the objectivity. And as such, you might wonder if there is really something like objectivity in the first place.



Therefore I like to have a moment to pause, sit back, relax, and to explore new things in my photography. It also provides me a chance to look at what I’ve been doing and making in the previous 73 weeks. and if I can sort of rearrange things and tighten up my edit(s). And I really like to explore that fine line between what’s really happening in front of the camera or the things that happen with you and to bring that together, if that all makes any sense.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

17 thoughts on “Explanation

  1. i like the idea about photography being more about what happens with the photographer and (probably to a lesser extent) the viewer than with what happens to happen in front of the lens. i hope i got it right.

  2. Good luck, Wouter, whatever you decide to do. Your photographs are always interesting, which I think is the most important criterion.

  3. Strong mood photographs, Wouter. They cry out the very same uncertainty that you’ve described in words.
    I think there is no “objectivity”. The photographs we take show us – first and foremost – who we really are. I think those who have found photography as a means of expression follow this path towards a better self-understanding by capturing the visible, in the hope that they could see beyond what they’ve captured and understand what this (life) is all about. We´ll never get there completely but the journey is necessary and can be as tortuous as interesting…

    1. Nicely said António. Uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad things, in particular when the uncertainty comes from within you. In my case there is however a lot of external uncertain factors. I briefly wrote about it before in the last two months. I will use this time to experiment and try out things that I could maybe use for my photography.

  4. Thanks so much for letting us follow you through this project (and through very rough times) Wouter. I look forward to seeing where you head next. Who was it that said that every photograph is a self-portrait…?

  5. Thank you for sharing your fabulous pics & your amazing project! 74 weeks is such a long time, you can be proud of yourself! I’m looking forward your next pictures. All the best!

  6. Hallo Wouter,

    it is as it is. It is as it ever was and will be all the time. Everything has an end and an beginning. It is just simple. Sometimes and sometimes not.
    Objective is subjective and my feelings are part of both. I am what i am – at the end – its just simple. And a picture is more than pixels. It is part of you and me. It is part of our being.

  7. I certainly feel the same about photography, especially that a photograph seems to reveal much more about the photographer and the viewer than it does about the actual subject of the photograph. Wonderful post. And sublime images. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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