PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Week 67 | 2015

2015, Photography, Project

For my family.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 436 – November 16, 2015

I felt exhausted after my son had a stroke last Tuesday morning. After a dramatic day, we were so glad he improved some what and that some great medic staff took care of him.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 437 – November 17, 2015

It is all like living on automatic pilot, the days passes by at 100 km/h and I know that some day I’ll hit the wall.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 438 – November 18, 2015

I don’t really know why I photograph or take photographs on a daily basis, but somehow it helps me to keep my head above the water. I guess it helps me coping with the things that occur in my life.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 439 – November 19, 2015

He is such a champ, fighting to cope with the new deal. Just day four and already achieved to walk twice with support.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 440 – November 20, 2015

There may be some bends or dents on our path, but the only way is the way forward.

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 441 – November 21, 2015

Maybe my thoughts jump up and down, but it is exactly how I feel now. Life feels upside down, but to be honest I have no idea on what side I am. All I, and my family, can think of and do is going straight ahead.

All expectations drastically changed after this week, but I find it intriguing how quickly you readjust. One day your son dreams of becoming a game developer, the other day he loses control of his left body, and the next day you celebrate every positive sign of recovery. Be it, raising his leg, lifting his hand, sitting in a wheelchair, and seeing himself in mirror. And we can, because we receive so much support and love from family, friends, and relatives.

We got so far in the past, we will win this one too.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


32 thoughts on “Week 67 | 2015

  1. Wat een heftig verhaal Wouter. Ik weet niet goed wat te zeggen. “Sterkte!” Is zo makkelijk gezegd. Ik gun je gemakkelijker tijden. En vooral veel warmte van je omgeving.

    Met vriendelijke groet, Ada Heijkoop

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 22 nov. 2015 om 22:42 heeft Wouter Brandsma 荷蘭 het volgende geschreven: > > >

  2. Wouter, Blessings and prayer to you and yours and all the love in the world for your son. As men we go thru the world feeling we can handle anything. Then this happens and we are shocked because it kills us when our loved ones are affected.
    He’s lucky to have his friends and family to help and support him.

    The gift for you and him is that you are his father.

  3. I so understand the need to carry on taking pictures, Wouter. Our year has also earned the monicker of horibilis and yes photography helps to stay sane. Words are often just useless.

    I wish your son a constant progress towards recovery.

  4. Sending you best wishes for a clear path ahead for you and your family, Wouter. I like your idea about how your photography every day helps keep your head above water… no better purpose than that!

  5. Wouter, My best to you and your family and son. Hang in there! Your priorities are in the right place, but capture the moments you can, for you and your family. Take care.

  6. My photography has also got me through some tough times, Wouter, it can be a buffer, although this is another level. Strength to you and your family.

  7. Your photos portray what you are going though, both emotionally and the reason why. My heart feels for you. Keep taking photos to keep you sane and to stop you fretting for a while . I Do know the soothing effect of concentrating on a camera and its settings,as I went through an ordeal like yours only two years ago . xxx

  8. Since a long period I follow your fototgraphie and always was impressed by your strong talent to show the essens of simplest things.
    And that is it now what your son need also, a lot of small simple steps that will bring him forward and back to a good state, and hope he
    has the power, supported by strong persons as you, to do every day a little more. I wish you, your son and family all the best.

  9. My thoughts are with you, your son, and the rest of your family. Be well, keep shooting and posting, it’s doing you good and it’s doing all of us good too. Thank you.

  10. Dear Wouter, I have been struggling for a few days to respond to this post. Your photos show such a loneliness and yet your words speak of such intimacy and love for your family and for life. Maybe I have not been seeing your images correctly – but sometimes they are so hauntingly beautiful in the empty spaces that light often fills. Many of your people are alone, even when together. But maybe that is just the imagined privacy we create around ourselves in public ? Anyway I wanted to say these things and to say I appreciate your work and your views, your heartfelt optimism and deep affection for mankind and nature. Thank you again for sharing your soul with all of us.

  11. Words are inadequate, Wouter, to express what a dagger to the heart this news was. It is, perhaps, the greatest fear of every father that something bad befall your child that you are powerless to prevent or repair. It has been a difficult year for you and now this is surely the harshest challenge yet. All the best hopes, positive thoughts, and heartfelt prayers that can be mustered be with you and your family, I’m sure your wife and daughter are devastated as well. There is no advice no words that are useful. I trust that your love for one another will see you through.

    We all hope and pray your son will continue his recovery and resume the path toward his dreams.

  12. May you have all the courage to overcome this sad event of your life. Wishing your son a complete recovery and the very best for your family in future.

  13. I would love to thank you all individually for your comments and support. I find strength in these and we hope the prospects for our son will turn out for the better. Again, many thanks.

  14. Wouter, I am one of the silent admirers of your work, but this time I have to make a comment to let you know that there are many like me who admire and appreciate your work and will think of you in this difficult moments. Be strong and remember there is always hope. I have seen situations like this where the individual recovered almost completely. I hope every day from now on is a positive step for you and your family.

  15. Hi Wouter,
    as PhotoMatrix I am reading for years now your blog and admire your work and am, as I think everyone here in shock. I hope that your son continues on the path of recovery and I wish you and your family all the best!

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