PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Fuji X100

Week 60 | 2015

2015, Photography, Project
PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Fuji X100

Day 414 – September 27, 2015

I was only able to take a photograph on the first day of week 60. One photograph to keep this project going in a marginal form. The pain was, and still is, intense. Thankfully due to medication the pain is bearable. According to my doctor it looks like a hernia, so I need to rest and avoid sitting as much as possible.

Hopefully next week a few new photographs.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

18 thoughts on “Week 60 | 2015

  1. Wouter, how about some photos of your sick bed room ceiling? One showing the light, each hour… could be “art”!

    1. I have some serious back pain that reminds the doctor of hernia. I’m still using the GR most of the times and a Fuji X100 on some ocassions. You take care too Yul.

  2. With your absence on Flickr I forget how much I enjoyed your work even if it often is unsettling. However, I did not expect to find you in pain. I do remember your broken back. The use of term hernia is slightly misleading as it does not necessarily mean ‘just’ a herniated disk. In fact I am on a waiting list to have my umbilical hernia operated on. It causes no issues but prevention is recommended.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. I miss the “old” days on Flickr, Geza. I loved witnessing the progress. My work sometimes edged on the more darker side of me, possibly finding a way to deal with both sides of me.

      It was already 5 years ago that I broke my back, but I had back problems now for over 14 years. It was manageable for 9 years, but the last 5 years it got a lot worser. I personally hope that I will get operated too to prevent further problems.

      Thank you Geza and I hope the waiting list won’t be too long.

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