PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Week 59 | 2015

2015, Photography, Project
PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 407 – September 20, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 408 – September 21, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 409 – September 22, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 410 – September 23, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 411 – September 24, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Ricoh GR

Day 412 – September 25, 2015

PAD photography, photo a day, stroll photography, Wouter Brandsma, Fuji X100

Day 413 – September 26, 2015

I’ve stayed away from commentary on my photography and pretty much else since a long while. And that comes with a reason. I really felt no desire to write about photography. I kind of didn’t want to remind myself that there is something like photography, even though I’ve been photographing everyday.

I want to make photographs without feeling myself, and looking like, that guy with a camera. I want to make photographs without caring about the craftsmanship, the technique, and technology. I’ve seen it, done that, bin there before. I just want to do what I like to do, taking photographs. Sort of P-mode and just observing, undergoing, and feeling.

And you know? I’ve done that for 59 weeks, in color. I’ve been asked to write about photographing everyday, this project sort of thing, but I’ve no clue where to start, or how to finish it. I don’t know what is really interesting about that. There are so much more important things to be engaged with, I think. The world around us changes so rapidly. Care about that, and what you love, without being feared.

I still get questions what camera I use and how I process my photographs, but a lot less than a couple of years ago. Since I stopped writing about gear and photography I saw the changes in the behavior how much my blog got visited and how it got visited. Fact is, most really only care about the technology, like gear and post processing. the subscription base increased drastically though, so I think people consume posted stuff differently nowadays, which is perfectly fine with me. I don’t try to monetize anyway, I just share my passion for photography with you. And I hope you don’t mind that?

I feel a strong urge though to mix up things. Color was interesting to do, but so often I wanted to go for B&W instead which I decided for the sake of consistency. What is consistency though? So while I will try to keep photographing everyday you’ll likely be seeing B&W too, or at least I guess so.

And then, on the last day of week 59 I got struck by severe back pain. It was incredibly difficult and hard to make any decent photograph during day. I was unpleased and got out again for a small stroll late at night. The pain got even worse and I was struggling to steady the camera.

As a result I decided to stop the project in it’s current form. This feels very difficult to me, but I need to focus on my back. I will try to continue my project in some form and try to photograph on a weekly basis. There is a likely change though that I will come up with less weekly photographs. So it becomes a sort of photo a “when ever possible” day project. Or at least I hope so.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

50 thoughts on “Week 59 | 2015

    1. Zorg maar voor je rug, dat is nu belangrijker, we hersavoureren je oude foto’s wel, die worden allen maar mooier als je er opnieuw naar kijkt! sterkte, Clem

  1. I like the P-Mode comment, that is how I see things myself at the moment, I don’t want to think about gear, or even composition that much, I just want to shoot with feeling. I talked about this in my last post.

    Hopefully you will be able to photograph more than you envisage at the moment, and I look forward to seeing some of your B&W in the future.

    1. There is such a great emphasize on the process, even projects that are basically done because of the process. Even then there might be good work around there, but you wonder what the true intentions might be. I hope I soon will free again to stroll again.

  2. Really sad to hear about your back. Mine has gone out a few times and it was completely and utterly debilitating. Best wishes for a swift recovery.

  3. Hello Wouter, I have followed you for quite awhile. I always look forward to your email post of photos with anticipation. Your photography is provocative and thoughtful. But to be honest I have always felt that you have more to say. With photos I have to try to guess your message, which can be a very good excercise, but I do not believe it is the whole story. You have much more to say. Yes people are interested in equipment and techniques but there are many who quietly sit at the edge wanting to learn these things for a different purpose. You had many good things to say for that group of people, which images alone cannot say. You teaching and word skills are excellent and I would love to hear what you have to say again as well. Both your images and your words can be an inspiration for someone wanting to learn how to improve and to inspire others as well.

    PS I hope you back improves soon. If it helps any I watched a program recently on NHK TV about back pain claiming that for many people there is a large stress component to back pain and they are using a combined therapy approach which is apparently highly successful. Just a thought.

    1. Photographs and words can both enhance each other, or restrict one of both or each expressions. Nor does every photograph need to be a story. And even more importantly I think there should be room for the viewer to make something of it. The exercise of both was intensive at time. I had times the writing came more easily, the last 59 weeks the photography felt a lot more comfortable to do.

      The writing will come Brian, but since you already point at the large stress component regarding back pain, things need to settle for me.

  4. I’ve so enjoyed your images. Rest well. And as you heal perhaps inspiration will find you. Seems it most often finds me when I stop looking for it. Sometimes a break is what the project needs. Best.

    1. Inspiration isn’t really a problem. Everyday I see new moments that I find interesting and do something with me. It is my back that put constrains on my photo taking though. Even lifting my small camera hurts.

  5. Your wordless images have always stirred my emotions. I enjoy that quiet exchange. Taking a photo every day is challenging even without any physical pain.
    I took a photo every day for about 5 or 6 years and it was really really hard. I’m not even a true photographer.
    Anyway, I’ve defaulted to your “phot every once in a while” approach in the last year and I still enjoy that too.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift. I hope you continue to do so when you are able.

    1. WOW, 5 or 6 years. I thought 72 weeks was already hard. Never mind not being a true photographer, I don’t consider myself a true photographer either. I hope to continue my regular scheduling.

      1. yes, a personal project before i even thought about blogging – and it was very trying. some days were total crap. but they were the days of my life, how i spent my time and so it was just a journal of the ordinary moments of existence. i posted them elsewhere – since some were quite personal – and its harder to be private with photography. images say so much about us. i wasn’t ready to share that with strangers.

  6. Take care, Wouter. Nothing is more important than your health.

    Health wise, I also have my ups and – too many – downs, but somehow we always find a way to keep shooting. Nothing wrong with “whenever possible”, if that’s what it is.

    The good news is you’re thinking about posting b+w again. As much as I like your color stuff, I do miss your b+w photos. Dealing with the consistency question myself, but I find that b+w mixed with muted color photos are not that bad together.

    1. Despite the pain there is always some light available to keep us going. You did so and I hope to deal with it too, again. And I did take a photograph today which certainly felt like a B&W moment.

  7. I never minded that you didn’t write text to have besides your photos and I for one don’t care much for tech details. Even if you’d share how you did it, it wouldn’t be the same if someone would try to replicate, in the end it’s you as the photographer that makes them your own.
    It’s quite the feat to keep up with a photo per day project, but I enjoyed following along. And will continue to do so when you can post when you can.
    Veel beterschap!

    1. Dank je Nicola. I thought very consciously about not leaving any comments on my photography providing the viewer a chance to make up their own mind. There is a power in the freedom to interpret.

  8. Wouter, all the best, and may you back improve soon!

    Although I am not a subscriber, I have seen all your photos in this project (notified via RSS), and have always had great pleasure viewing them. The point is that while I *try* to achieve that, it is your photos that *are* actually interesting, and I haven’t yet found out how that works. Proportions, perspective, light, I know about all this and still I have to be content with (sometimes) reaching postcard quality, but making beautiful photos from a beautiful scenery seems comparatively easy. Yours are everyday scenes and still are really interesting — that is why I look at them again and again with awe.

    Again, best wishes for your health!

  9. I have been regularly enjoying your photos. It may be just me, but I got the impression that you improved along the way. I particularly like your treatment of contrasts and colours, and some of your angles/viewpoints. Hope your back improves. Cheers

    1. I will soon get a MRI to hopefully find out more. In the meantime I just have to lay down and avoid sitting as much as possible. I’m glad you liked my photographs.

  10. I’m glad to have stumbled on a blog like yours, I like the content. Mostly because I can see BW work, look forward for more to come

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