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It took me a while, but today feels like it is time for a short Sunday rant. My motive for writing this short rant is a long twitter conversation my pal Jorge Ledesma and I had. It was ignited by a tweet were he marveled a video by Ming Thein. The conversation went on for hours and I guess we still disagree. In essence it comes down to the importance of technique and understanding versus reasoning and feeling.

I’ve wrote about this before, but in my opinion there is just way too much emphasizes on the “with what” and “how to” in photography. Just check the popular Digital Photography School to proof my point. Tips and tutorials, cameras and equipment, post production. Yet, how to discover beauty or at least interestingness? How to convey your intentions to the viewers? Never a why or what reason?

You see, understanding how and why a photograph works doesn’t come from maximizing the potential of your camera sensor. Nor does inspiration come from Photoshop. Even to a beginner I suggest to just get out and make photographs. Learn techniques on the fly, but don’t spent too much time searching the internet, fora, or magazines. Don’t worry about others making rubbish with their crappy Instagram filters or Lightroom presets, but worry and enjoy your own endeavors and discoveries in photography. Find what works for you and move on to the next level. Photography is full of endless possibilities.

Most of us are amateur photographers, me included. There is a reason why it means “lover of” in French or “Lover” in Latin. Lets keep it that way. Rant over!

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma