photography, photograph, wouter brandsma, landscape, black and white, light, shadows, light and shadows, ricoh gr, ricoh, trees, rural


2014, Photography

photography, photograph, wouter brandsma, landscape, black and white, light, shadows, light and shadows, ricoh gr, ricoh, trees, rural

No, I’m not gone. I didn’t quit my blog and I certainly didn’t stop photographing. At times though there are just some things in life that take up so much time and energy. All these things don’t necessarily kill creativity, but just the time to actually do something with it. And to be fair and honest, photography isn’t really my first priority now.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I still watch photographs by others, I read articles about photography. I try to avoid anything gear related though. And I am prepping up my first exhibition and editing some series for my blog. These things take a lot of time.

I am still observing, looking around, and making photographs. More on that later.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

26 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Glad you did not leave. You have been the reason I switched to this wonderful RICOH Digital IV. Since that I also stay away from gear discussions. I am so happy with this little camera.
    Oliver 2.0

    1. I have no direction or what so every, except for finishing the preparations for my exhibition. For the rest I try to keep things simple. A small Ricoh GR(D) is all we need for that. Enjoy the camera, but most importantly the light.

  2. Another one of these roads I will follow you down. Another day bathing in this gorgeous light of yours. That light that is the most important because every road we’re walking on will lead us through darkness & back into the light. The light of new discoveries & places I didn’t thought of until I arrived there unexpectedly. Just the light, the eyes & the photographs. All that counts, Wouter! And theses roads that needs to be traveled, my friend!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. Sometimes the search makes more sense without consciously looking for it. Answers are everywhere and time can create order in chaos. And sure Fritsch, these roads need to be traveled.

  3. Very happy to hear you all still here! A pity I’m not in the Netherlands otherwise I’d love to visit your exhibition!

  4. I’m sending you best wishes for a successful exhibition. Congratulations, Wouter, for taking that big step! And, as always, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They always strike me as being true and important.

  5. Good to see you back, Wouter. I was getting a little concerned.

    Glad to hear that you are busy preparing for your exhibition. I hope everything goes well.

  6. one of the best things of being a non-pro photographer is the privilege of skipping a few days, weeks or even months of picture taking and/or posting when you don’t feel like it. for me personally, it took some time to appreciate this. i see people posting 6 pictures a day on tumblr, updating a mobile instagram-account on the side, while having – judging from their bio – a full-time job and a family. i don’t know how they manage this, but i have learned to accept that we are not all the same (and that’s a good thing).

    like you, wouter, i do have other priorities now and then. health issues, supporting people who need me, or just watching a silly tv show because i want to. and you know what: i do enjoy the days and moments i can take pictures even more, precisely because all of the days and moments i cannot (or don’t want to) shoot.

    1. You’re so right Robert. Recently I skipped photography possibly for weeks. When I don’t feel the need I try to avoid any efforts. You take care and be careful with your back.

  7. It’s always wonderful to find new ponderings and pictures here, Wouter. I’m glad you keep it going. But I know how it feels when life comes in the way. So I send you my best wishes for the preparation of your exhitibion as well as for everything else in your life. A couple of months from now I still will be in NL – I hope to come. Alle goeds!

    1. Dank je Jeanette. Ik zie dat jij heel wat meer ervaring hebt met exposities dan ik. Ik stelde het telkens uit. “Ben ik er wel goed voor? En wat dan daarna?” Foto’s zijn er uiteindelijk toch om gedeeld te worden. Als het allemaal volgens plan gaat zal de opening in juni of juli plaatsvinden in Ede. Hopelijk ben je er dan nog.

  8. Goed genoeg? Er zijn veel mensen die je overpeinzingen in woord en beeld zo goed vinden, dat ze telkens terugkeren naar deze pagina’s. Ik denk dat je met je tentoonstellng veel belangstelling en waardering zult ondervinden!

    In juni/juli ben ik weliswaar af en toe even het land uit, maar ik kom beslist. En als ik je bij de voorbereidingen ergens mee kan helpen: met veel genoegen!

  9. Dag Wouter, ik kom bij toeval op jou pagina. Ik zal hem komende dagen een goed doorlopen. Je foto hierboven is mooi neergezet, alleen ik had dat stukje snelweg eraf laten vallen.
    Groetjes Leo.

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