What’s in my bag

2013, Photography

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Admitted, this is not my typical blog post. Normally Japan Camera Hunter is known for his ‘In your bag‘ posts and recently Ming Thein covered what he was using now. Unlike many bags though there isn’t much really to see in my bag. Just a single camera, one (sometimes two) SD cards. In fact I still only use some older 2Gb cards. And something to remain connected to the outside world and providing some music for the mood and senses.

I don’t need much more for my photography. Simplicity and restrictions. Everything else is just weight which I often find not used at all.

On a different note. You might have noticed the new layout for my blog making it a bit more future proof again. For now the wordpress platform served me well, but I am looking for a more flexible platform though.

25 thoughts on “What’s in my bag

  1. On the subject of simplicity. Some people go on about having lots of expensive lenses, and how it improves their photography. I personally find that the best zoom lens you can get is to use those two things at the bottom of your body. (i.e, your feet.)

  2. Talking about GR. What about those dreadful colored rings appearing in underexposed raw picts?

  3. Surely you carry a spare battery for the GR, Wouter?

    I take it you set the AF to Spot AF when you are using the viewfinder? I have the GV-2 permanently attached to mine but only tend to use it in extremely bright conditions. Perhaps I should have a stroll just using the viewfinder rather than the LCD screen.

    1. A spare battery only for the very long days Calvin. I don’t really take a lot of photographs.

      I always use spot AF or snap focus. These work very good on my GR, but are broken on my GRD3.

  4. Keeping it simple to make it work. That’s my kind of thing. And music for the senses … can’t do without since the good old days of vinyl. And there ain’t much more in my bag except a pack of cigarettes & a lighter. And the amount of frames doesn’t matter but the ones you take. And the new layout fits these purposes, Wouter!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. Do you actually use a bag, wouter? Given the fact that you are walking around with two things….they would probably fit nicely in most jackets only.

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