Love is in the air

2013, Photography

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With spring most people open up after the long darkness of the winter. So am I and I become more aware of my surroundings. It is this tantalizing feeling that something is in the air. Something about to happen.

Interested in viewing my photographs in book form, check out my first photo book ‘Saudade‘ here.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

18 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Can I ask how you got this shot? It’s a very impressive angle. I’m imaging you dropping to street level and calmly focusing as the couple embrace. Thanks. Ken

    1. Calmly? Oh no, there was hardly any time available. They looked like they wanted to go somewhere else. So I went through my knees, I had the camera in snap mode (a mode where the focus is already set at a specified distance that reduces the lag between the shutter press and the image taking significantly) set at 1.5 meters. It was one photograph and they stopped hugging and kissing. It really was a split second moment, Ken.

        1. Being ready and feeling that a moment arrives is one thing, Ken. As a photographer you still make decisions that affects how the moment will be perceived. That stage is still creating the additional layer in the moment.

          If I didn’t bend my knees, but instead raised the camera to eye level I think the moment wouldn’t be as powerful. Recognizable, but less noticed too.

          I therefore still believe a photographer creates moments, due to own knowledge, experience, and making the final decisions.

    1. I just do something Don. You know, snap mode at 1.5 meters, f/4 this time, it expose conservative so EV at 0. Bend my knees and quickly framed. Press……….

      1. Ahhhhhh, the knee bend procedure. I’ll have to upgrade my firmware.

        I’ve been working by intuition on snap mode. It’s nice because you can maintain a focus zone up front and adjust to soften the background…..
        Your doing good Wouter……

        Knee bending procedures here I come…..

        1. Knee bending is essential since you can frame better than shooting from the hip. The number of firmware upgrades drastically reduce though when you’re getting closer to the perishable date….

          1. I loaded the knee bending firmware update. It works fine but the getting up procedure firmware has not been released…..
            Tis a wee bit easier getting down than getting back up again…….

            I am finding 2 meters on snap and f/4.5-8.0 working sweet. F/5.6 is deadly. My Mac loves it but the PC….well……
            Post some more photos………

            1. To get this knee bending firmware properly working much depends on the manufacturer, proper usage, and maintenance. Maybe there is something wrong with the BIOS…..

              Great that you are finding your sweet spot with the camera. Snap mode is such a reliable and great feature.

              More photos soon, but need to do a lot of writing too.

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