First outinGR..

2013, Photography
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Old skool

There is obviously so much that crosses my mind after a day of photographing with the new Ricoh GR, but I also feel it is way to soon to just write some first impressions down. I know some have no problems jumping to conclusions after a couple of hours using a camera. I however want to learn to master it. I should say though that after a brief moment it felt very comfortable.

It feels easier to hold than the GXR, the grip is reassuring and the finish of the camera is like expected. The little bit of extra weight is much appreciated. The menu though….. A typical Ricoh menu, organized, well structured, but you do almost need an IT background to understand all the firmware features. I’d better figure it out now and just set up the camera once and for all.

ricoh gr, gr ricoh, gr, ricoh, ricoh gr digital, ricoh grd, ricoh grdv, ricoh grd5, photograph, wouter brandsma, light, shadow, street photography, stroll photography, new skool, pentax, pentax ricoh

New skool

I always try to set up my cameras to keep the shooting process simple. A concept I always appreciated when I bought my GR1 briefly after it was launched in 1996. All the options of the Ricoh GR can, at first, be very overwhelming. If you already have a GRD predecessor I suggest to set up your GR similarly. Best for me though, was to get out with the camera as soon as possible.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

31 thoughts on “First outinGR..

  1. I think I see a smile in the reflection of the LCD Wouter! Looking forward to how this new tool will show off your style of photography. By the way, I enjoyed your interview with Don. Inspirational for me!

    1. LOL, if only you knew. I absolutely had my worries that the GR with the larger sensor would be harder to match with my photography. At high ISO though there is a very nicely distributed noise that seems to roughen the images. At least, it is something I like and I think it will work for me.

      And thank you on the interview. You know how it is to be interviewed by Don. We had a great conversation, even though we both sensed that we just scratched the surface. It was really nice.

      1. Don knows how to dig deep and until he thinks he’s gotten to the bottom he will not relent.

        No need to write an evaluation on the new GR Wouter, I will let your images speak for you!

        1. I definitely start with the images. I want to write at some point how the camera works for my photography like I did with some of my previous “My impression” articles.

  2. I’ve had the GR for a week and I won’t be shy: it’s the finest compact camera I’ve ever used (and I’ve used many). The image quality is excellent, the ergonomics are excellent, it’s very fast and responsive, and it’s a great design for holding and walking around with.

    I’m in love with this camera…

    1. I converted both from color. Not really my usual workflow, but with a new camera I never consider it to be obvious to keep things unchanged. More to come about that later.

  3. I’m thinking strongly about getting me a GR, but are unsure about how the end result of my pictures will look like given the larger sensor. Today I shoot with G11 and S95 where I exploit the larger DOF I get from the 1/1.7″ sensor. The problem how I see it is that the pictures I would take when street shooting with a large sensor camera may end up that some interesting subjects in the picture are not in focus when using a larger aperture. Using a camera with a smaller sensor means that I do not have to worry about the technical fiddling when choosing aperture, and I can focus entirely on the subjects instead. The reason after all that I would like to have a larger sensor in a compact camera is the significantly better dynamics in some pictures which is sadly lacking today. I look forward for your view on this matter Wouter, and also everyone else who have similar doubts and are used to the end result given by the use of cameras with smaller sensors.

    1. My main concern with the larger sensor is if I can keep a certain gritty look in my images without more post processing than I apply now. The larger sensor doesn’t immediately provide you less of depth of field. Remember that the GR has a 28mm lens and the average subject is often between 1.5 and 5 meters away. With a smaller aperture and the better high ISO performance you can still have a lot of depth of field.

      1. That gritty look you’re talking about is also my concern regarding using a APS-C camera. I think it could be a little difficult getting that result during daylight with this sensor. But that’s something LR + SEP mostly can fix afterwards. So I suppose the main reason you’re getting the GR is for better dynamic range as well? Because the pictures you get from the GRD III are really great from a picture-technical point of view (but also from an artistic aspect which is camera independent).

        1. My main reason for the GR is the better low light performance. The dynamic range was never an issue for me. And my GRD3 isn’t working properly anymore. I was already looking for a replacement, even thought about the Nikon Coolpix A.

          With the built-in ND filter it could be possible to photograph at ISO400 in daylight. I especially want to focus on that.

  4. It certainly captures beautiful detail from the shadows into the clouds, and very sharp. Very impressive. I am looking forward to your thoughts as you acquaint yourself with this camera.

  5. Walter–After a recent trip to Haiti, where I found the sight of my 5D Mk II thrilled kids, but immediately caused a negative reaction in adults (who, I learned, assumed I was a photo-journalist) I’m considering getting something smaller and much more discrete for travel. I’m curious if you’ve taken any interior low-light shots. I understand there wil be grain, and I’m willing to deal with it, but just wondering if, for example, you can make it work to your satisfaction on a nighttime street, or inside a bar. Wonderful photos, as always. Raally love the Old Skool. Thanks. Ken

  6. hey wouter ,
    congrats on new gr ! I for one would love to see some color snaps out of it as well as its hi iso capabilities …looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the gr .

    1. My first intention will be if the GR works for my photography. I will certainly dive into higher ISO for texture in my photographs. I have to admit that color depends on my mood, but who knows Boris?

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