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2013, Photography
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Greyish mud

Inspired Eye issue 2, inspired eye, photography, interview, wouter brandsma, interview wouter brandsma, wouter, ricoh wouter, wouter ricoh, wouter brandsma ricoh, photograph, photographs, images My friends Olivier Duong and Don Springer did it again and just published issue 2 of their digital magazine ‘Insprired Eye‘. The magazine contains interviews Paul Mcguirk, Christophe Debon, Pete Tachauer, Adrian Saker and ….. me. This issue is available for $4.95 or subscribe yourself for $19.95 for 6 issues this year.

My friend Jorge got the Ricoh GR and he created a micro site that will grow with information in the upcoming weeks. I expect the Ricoh GR in one or two weeks. I don’t immediately expect a comparison with my GRD3, because that camera really needs some service now. I intend to write another ‘My impressions’ article again like I did about the GRD3. One warning though, there won’t be anything scientific or objective about written. I like to give an impression how a new camera can be used for my photography. This one is particularly interesting since the Ricoh GR series formed my photographic basis for the last 17 years.

No ‘click’ ramblings this time. I try to sort my thoughts and get some ideas for the upcoming months. Especially since I know that when I start with the Ricoh GR I will likely become the slave of the camera. And usually not the time for the best photographs either.

street photography, wouter brandsma, ricoh grd, ricoh grdigital, ricoh grd3, ricoh gr digital 3, ricoh grdiii, ricoh gr, photography, grd, grd3, snapshots, grd snapshot, ricoh grd photography, black and white, crossing diversity

Crossing diversity

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma (except for the magazine image)

27 thoughts on “An eye on

  1. Congratulations on the interview Wouter, I’ll pickup issue #2 tonight. Can’t wait for you to get the GR, it should an eye opener for sure. Make it sing my friend. Cheers.

    1. Thank you Jorge. The interview went very well with Don.

      I am curious about the GR, especially how the larger sensor works for me. I have gotten so familiar with the small sensor look.

  2. I too have a GR on order. It was supposed to be here this week but has been pushed until the end of the month. In other news I bought and have your blurb book Saudade and it’s great, congratulations. I’ll go after Inspired Eye next. Thanks for the great work.

  3. I’m sure you guys will love it. Today I document a birthday party at my parents house for my uncle and I was super impressed with its ability to just be there at the right moments. I had a mix of candids, portraits, macros, and documentary, a great tool without a doubt, but like you say Wouter, I’m a slave to the camera. I know my way around the GRD’s but this tool is on a whole other level I must say.

    1. Realistically, a camera with a fixed prime lens like the GR is overpriced. However it will attract a certain photographer who consciously picks up one of these cameras. For her or him there is more than just the price to justify it.

      1. What concerns me is the GRD Mojo. There has always been a grit in the files that most definately sets the GRD’s apart from other cameras. From what I’ve seen, the grit is there but it’s a very clean grit.
        I’m holding out till I can see magic….

        1. Your concern is certainly my concern too. Maybe ISO 400, -2EV, the ND filter and pushing it again in post processing is the way to go. I need that grittyness too.

        2. I hear what you’re saying and its expected so now the question is ― will it work for you and your type of photography. Personally, I think it works on many fronts but we’re all still in the beginning stages of discovering the true nature of this little jewel.

      2. Overpriced, that’s a tough question but just the fact that its the world’s smallest aps-c sensor camera is in and of itself an achievement. Now, with all the added goodness that this digicam affords photographer, its warranted. Just look at the GRD4 and its price of entry at the time of release, here in the US it was about $590, so for an additional $210, its a steal, and worthy piece of kit.

        I think you’re really going to like it Wouter.

        1. I have a few questions Jorge and I’ll post them to you and Wouter tomorrow.

    1. Both articles are an interesting read, but find some things strange. He was not aware of the firmware version and I think it was not smart to let some review an unfinished product.

      I know his site draws a lot of traffic and it is both tempting for Pentax Ricoh and him for doing an early review. For me, his articles just scratched the surface. His comments were a lot more interesting.

      1. Ming is all about the money. When it comes to reviews and opinions etc, I’d rather hear from someone from this planet.
        Right now, Jorge is the best we got….Not that there’s anything wrong with that…….

        1. Streetshooter,

          This is not really fair … To say that Ming is only about the money … I find his reviews very thorough, and his writing is _by far _ , IMO, better than just about anyone out there writing about photography. He is selling his videos and training material, and you sell your presets. Does that make you “all about the money” as well just because you sell something ? Only you can answer that, I guess, but please, that is an unfair charge to level at someone. I understand that his shooting style may not appeal to street photographers, as he seems to prefer very clean images, but many of his articles are valuable for people seeking answers about technique and equipment.
          And if there isn’t anything ” wrong with that “, why bother to accuse someone ? I think both your site and his are an asset to the photo community, and you are potentially doing someone a disservice who has never visited his site.
          Be happy and keep shooting !

  4. Changes are promising. Good to hear that there are things on the way for you. Slavery for the first time is alleight, because I know you are able & willing to focus on your great storytelling, my friend.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. Wouter, I really enjoyed Don’s interview with you in issue two. IE is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I had some insight to you and your photography from reading here but it was nice to see it expanded on and presented in one place. It’s always interesting seeing the perspective and thought one puts into their photography and how that fits into their life. Be well and enjoy your photography.

  6. When I opened the GR I was greeted with the familiar body, which I was happy about. I then found the battery but could not find a charger. What happened? Where did it go? I soon found out that a charger is NOT included but instead a USB cable with outlet is and you must charge the battery while it is in the camera, much like Sony is now doing with their cameras, even the high end RX1. BOOOOOOOO!! How much would it cost to add a small charger where you do not have to have the battery inside to charge? Other than the camera body, battery and USB charger you really do not get anything else. Simplicity all the way around here.

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