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I remember the moment I made my first photograph, I remember when I first went to school, I remember when my first kiss, I remember my first job, I remember when I married, I remember when my photography really took off, I remember when I started my blog, I remember so many things. I however like to experience new things too, learn more, challenge myself, but there is only so little or much I can do with my available time.

Strolling again

Strolling again

I don’t know where to find my time. I work and work, many long hours. I have a family too I care about and I want to be there for them. I care about my photography and my blog too, but I do realize some have to suffer. After a while many blogs collapse. I certainly hope not mine, but without new content it is certainly not easy. I wrote a couple of times about cameras, but feel absolutely no need to write more extensively about it. I see the numbers of visitors drop, but the amount of followers still increasing. Many thanks to all of you for still following my blog and my photography.

I miss my photography, I miss strolling the nearby streets. I will try to restart my photograph a day project tomorrow.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

52 thoughts on “Remembring

  1. The thing is, dear Wouter, that your photography is like those classic bands that take a break and then come back with a legendary album. something happened in those ‘in between years’: family, sickness, children, moving, new relationships, scape from fame, etc….those ingredients make us older, wise and give us another point of view. Your photography is timeless Wouter. and when you decide to come back, all your feelings and experiences are gonna be printed in your photos. Meanwhile, here we are, the rest of us, waiting for one of the masters.

    1. But right now it feels like I want to write new songs again. It is just that the above mentioned ingredients (well not all) makes it hard to free up my mind. Therefore I decided it best to just start writing. Thank you Pedro.

  2. Wouter,
    All of life’s complexities are what add depth and interest to our photographs. Life will not become less complex and that is good because then our photographs will become deeper and more interesting! 🙂

    Also, your mention of a new photo-a-day project has triggered something in me. I’ve needed to embark on some sort of exercise program for my health. I think there’s no better way than to start a photo-a-day project of my own. It’ll force me out for walks every day. I’ll send you a link to Flickr when I get it up and running, no later than Valentine’s Day.

    1. I agree Jamie. Complexities can add extra depth or at least a texture for our photographs. A photo a day project is one of the more compelling ways to cope and capture it.

      I hope you start your PAD project Jamie. It is not only a challenging for your own photography, but also as a person.

  3. Wouter, happening makes the moment become past. All we ever are is a collection of little shards of memories, and the way we reflect them. Life is struggle and strife – document it. Document your days, and the many things you are spread (or feel you are spread so thinly) over. Your photography is beautiful, and your words are felt and thought, and we are thankful to you for that. I know I am. 🙂

  4. Wonderful post! I am somehow feeling the same emotions about my photography or lack there of. Your work is amazing and you are talented. That my friend never goes away because it is naturally apart of you.

    1. It is amazing how you can be caught in the daily struggles of life and almost completely forget or loose the passion of photography. I thought my photography was worth fighting for. All your much appreciated comments are really helping me. Thank you.

  5. You are one of the best photographers of any that I follow (and I follow many good ones). We all go through ups and downs with our work but trust me, your work has been consistently good no matter what’s happening in your life. Just keep shooting, good will come from it.

  6. Funny thing. I found you while searching info about a camera: my beloved Ricoh GX200.
    That was many years ago. From that moment on I kept on following you because you cared about photography and not the gear.
    I’ve learned so much by keeping an eye on your blog and your pics! Really.

    No matter how many times you pause. It’s in you.

    1. Your thoughts and support are really much appreciated Rafa. This pause just took me too long. It was killing me. Too often I like to things rationally, therefore I decided to immediately start a photo a day project again. No thoughts, no balances, just starting again because it feels right.

  7. Hi, Wouter:
    Perhaps what the others are saying is that we need you. We need to see the work of a man with good eyes and timing (you) who uses his camera to show us his personal vision. This is leading by example. If you start a new daily photograph program, it will be good for us all.

    Best of luck to you,

    1. You nailed it John. Wouter’ photography was a kind of revelation: who’s this guy? why his photos are so compelling? Here is this guy, that just shows us his soul instead talking about gear and lenses and gear and lenses…seriously, if there is a guy who inspires me with his photography, that guy is Wouter. Like you said John, “{Wouter’s photography} it will be good for us all.

  8. Wouter, Keep at it as you can. I enjoy your contributions, both words and pictures! I know what you are dealing with, so perservere. I’m trying to too.

    1. Have you thought about a photo a day project Andrew? It takes some time and getting used too, but it can really help you to deal with the doldrums. I wonder why it took me so long to figure it out (again).

  9. Hi Wouter, keep it up! I enjoy your photography! I can understand your challenge with photography and time. Just keep the little Ricoh in your pocket, JPG only with no post-processing needed :-).

  10. I know how you feel about blogs. Mine were never visited nearly as much as yours, but it’s a lot of work, and there are days I don’t even bother with it due to other obligations.

    1. I really don’t mind all the work Elaine for my blog. For me sharing is absolutely one of the essence of photography and I love using my blog for that. Obligations and not being able to photograph was the hardest part though. And partially I was afraid. I stopped my photo a day project suddenly last year. It got too dark, too much fear. It felt almost logical that I would pick it up again at the point where I left. I have more appreciation now for light (and darkness).

  11. Thanks for what you do, it makes a palpable difference. Too much on the web is is bland, impersonal and indifferent.

  12. Just keep on keeping on, Wouter, and at your own pace. It is the quality of your work, not the quantity, which makes people hold you in such high regard. It is always a joy to visit your blog and view your work.

  13. Hang in there. Post when you can. Your photos are a source of great inspiration for those of us with cameras. Do what you have to do. I sympathize–my wife, a chef and restaurateur, and I have a food blog that we post to once a week with recipes, photos, food info, etc. We also have kids. If something gets dropped (the blog) once in awhile, hey, no one dies. We just wait for the next post. Good luck. Ken

  14. Hi Wouter,

    My Dad recently died. He wasn’t around much when I was a child. Married more to his job (by choice) and to other people than to his family. As a result, his death isn’t much lamented. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. Your wife and children must come first. I know its easy for me to say but, after reading some of your recent posts I think you have to start looking for another job. Primarily to spend that priceless time with your children. Once that time is passed it is gone forever. A job is only a job and money only money. These things are not important.

    Photograph when you can.

    Best Regards as Always


    1. I am really sorry Chris for that sad news. I really hope you do well.

      I switched a dial within me last weekend. I really, really wanted to photograph again. I just started doing it. In the end there is time for everything. Now, I only need to work on my balance again. Thank you Chris and take care.

  15. Getting lost on the way to our balances feels pretty familiar to me, Wouter. Finding the time for everything that is always there while our focus changes makes us feel our longings only more intense. And that is where the stories start. In the nearby street. On these roads to our very own balances.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  16. i always feel a sense of calm when i see your photographs wouter. i’ve been following for some time now. when i need a zen moment, your site is my consistent drink to keep things simple and to go on with the path that for better or for worse, has been chosen. don’t stop whatever you do.

    1. What you see on the outside is not always resembling the inside, but right now I am trying to use that for my own personal balance. Thanks Rufus, hope everything is good with you.

  17. don’t worry as long as you still shoot b&w or own a ricoh/grd, even updating once a month I’d still follow (jk..:D). It’s not easy to come by photographers got time to blog regularly with ‘positive’ inputs. Either they’re the pros who do not feel like publishing their photos online, or they do not have time to do it themselves, or they feel like the online format isn’t their cup of tea, or they do not want to carry a burden of the duty of keeping up with all the followers/updates and all.

    Your neat, simple magazine-like layout/editorial work plus a few of your images on every post still earn my praise. It’s certainly more enjoyable to blog about your life and things with a little support from the followers. ;D

    1. 🙂 I still shoot with the Ricoh GRD. And I am happy to say I use the camera daily now (again). Interesting too how the Multi AF improves the focusing of my GRDIII where the prefered spot AF misfocusses very often.

  18. Hi Wouter! I like this picture – I like very many of your mono images! – and I like your thoughts here too. Getting enough time for everything is not easy – tho I’m about to retire, and there certainly ought to be more free time then!

    My opinion is that attempting a photo a day is too much if you have other commitments – but I’m not you and you know what you’re doing – I wish you success!

    I’m just recovering from hardware meltdown. There’s mountains to do, and slowly I’m getting there. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Adrian

    1. Accept for the necessary commitment, a photo a day project doesn’t take more time. I just use every available free time, even when I am of to work or going home to make photographs. No planning, no expactations. You certainly will have you free time soon, unless you’re already planning a lot of other things for when you’re retired. Make sure to get your hardware up and running again.

  19. For me, your photographs speak of a vision, a general and quite unique perspective towards the world. Hard as it may be – why not write about that? I’ll keep my eyes open…

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