I remember the moment I made my first photograph, I remember when I first went to school, I remember when my first kiss, I remember my first job, I remember when I married, I remember when my photography really took off, I remember when I started my blog, I remember so many things. I however like to experience new things too, learn more, challenge myself, but there is only so little or much I can do with my available time.

Strolling again

Strolling again

I don’t know where to find my time. I work and work, many long hours. I have a family too I care about and I want to be there for them. I care about my photography and my blog too, but I do realize some have to suffer. After a while many blogs collapse. I certainly hope not mine, but without new content it is certainly not easy. I wrote a couple of times about cameras, but feel absolutely no need to write more extensively about it. I see the numbers of visitors drop, but the amount of followers still increasing. Many thanks to all of you for still following my blog and my photography.

I miss my photography, I miss strolling the nearby streets. I will try to restart my photograph a day project tomorrow.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma