13 thoughts on “In darkness there is light

  1. Interesting image Wouter. There are some good solid juxtapositions happening here. The 2 dark stars against the light sky reinforces the theme on the surface level. What I find more interesting is the faces…even tho they are in the LIGHT, they both seem to be coming from inner DARKNESS. It’s that inner emotional darkness that makes this image as strong as it is…as in life.

    Wonderful to see you coming to the light and working again….

  2. Hello Wouter,

    I haven’t written you in quite a while.

    I have been adding drawings to my flickr photostream, not as a point of departure, but simply because we’ve had twin babies and I cannot shoot street in the meantime as I’d done before. Therefore, I segued into my drawings world as a necessity. It was a good move, as more people seem to view my drawings, which I had been doing for years.

    Anyway, your photo, and especially its accompanying title, are superb. I enjoy particularly the scale of the subjects. Please see my link to my latest camera design drawing, I have sets in my stream for drawings now, as well as my digitized vintage camera work, I may have mentioned this in the past to you, i do not remember.

    best from chinatown, David Lo

  3. “And pull the smiles inside / And light it up forever / And never go to sleep / My best unbeaten brother / This isn’t all I see / Oh no, I see a darkness” (Bonnie “Prince” Billy)

    A damn fine frame, Wouter! And we all wouldn’t see the light without the darkness around us & inside of us. That makes it all so interesting. That makes all the difference. And maybe that’s the reason for strolling the streets, travel these roads. Just to find the light. Ending up knowing that the light makes the darkness even more interesting & vice versa. A great photogrpah, my friend!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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