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In August Jamie Pillers suggested in a comment on one of my blog posts to make a Blurb book. Now the idea to make a book is not really new, but he said to just select images that pleases me. Nothing formal or project based.

For a couple years now I have a few numbers of selections for a book resting on my computer waiting to be printed and bond together. But each and everytime I doubted. Was the concept strong enough? Would my purposed intentions meet my expectations? How about the B&W printing? Would it bring color casts? Somehow there was something holding me back from letting go my photographs.

Jamie’s suggestion to basically make a random selection gave me new inspiration and energy. And a fair method to temper my personal expectation too. What kept my mind occupied though was the form. A large book, something for on the coffee table, or something differently? For a first book I didn’t want to pay and charge too much, but a large book with quite a lot of photographs really sets the price.It became even more obvious to me at Photokina where Pentax displayed their photo books. The high quality paper, the size of that book, the dedication of the printers, and the price set me a sight.

It was later in September when I read an article on Daniel Milnor’s Smogranch blog where he talked about the Blurb trade book format. Small, 6×9 inch, easy to take with you, and fair in price. Perfect for me, a small book format that doesn’t raise the bar too high. Together with the help from my German friend Jan Klose, who suggested to make a playful book, I did it.

And so I am proud to say I finished my first photo book, titled ‘Saudade’. Saudade is a Portugese word I learned about when I heard a Fado a couple of years. The nostalgic and longing feeling associated with Saudade sounded perfect to me.

The can be ordered here.


25 thoughts on “Saudade

  1. Wouter… Excellent! I ordered my copy this morning and I’m very much looking forward to all your future efforts! 🙂
    Much regard,

  2. Saudade: O amor que ficou…
    A series of well-chosen, well laid-out photos, presented in a thoughtful sequence, with just the right amount of words… It’s photo-poetry!
    Congrats on your new book, Wouter. It was a wonderful idea.
    All the best,

  3. Just gone through your Blurb Book – awesome photos, brilliant style and exciting graphic design/layout. Very well chosen range of photos and the contrasting full page and smaller frames works very well. Overall a very inspiring book. : )

  4. Congrats Wouter! Looks real good…I just ordered a copy. I just completed my fourth book but I haven’t opened it up to sales yet, so for you to create your first book and make it available for purchase is a great step.

      1. Hey Wouter,
        My books are basically structured as yearly compilations of the “best of.” They are not project themed because my personal life doesn’t allow me much time to be a project-based photographer (although I am trying). My first book covers from 2004, the year I came back into photography, to 2009. 2010, 2011, and now 2012, are all separate books.

        1. Regarding time and project based photography I recognize that. After 8 years there might be a lot of photographs you like or connect to. That is how I made this book and is also what Jamie suggested.

          Maybe a next book will be more project-based, but for now I want to enjoy the feeling of letting go a book with my photographs.

  5. “Stroll photography” at its best.

    I like the selection you made, Wouter. And it’s also a sort of sentimental journey for the people – like me – who follow your blog for quite some time.

  6. Congratulations Mr.Wouter! I really love your photos, this book is definitely a great compilation of your best works.
    Keep it up and all the best!

  7. This is beautiful work. Another reason to make Blurb books is to have a physical copy of your work. Digital can go “poof” and hard drives fail. Webistes can go out of business, and you could lose all of that work. Making a Blurb book makes a physical copy to keep on file.

  8. A milestone for you of your dream coming true. A very nice collection of photos for anyone who wishes to know about you and your photography. I enjoyed the tiny preview of it already. Lots of meanings in them especially when you grouped them with chapters.

  9. Wouter, received the book and it is outstanding. The only suggestion I have is that you, of course, continue to photograph but go through your archives and produce more books because you have created outstanding work and perspective. As long as I have a little money in my pocket, I will buy your work. Maybe one day, my son will inherit my valuable collection of the works of Wouter Brandsma!


    1. Thank you so much James. I hope to finish another book next year, probably in the same format. A sort of part II, so to speak. Eventually I would like to make a coffee table book.

      And a special feeling to memorized somewhere else.

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