Rehearsal not to forget

2012, Photography

There are not many things I like to rehearse or repeat, but the annual Market Garden commemoration near my hometown is one of those events that keeps reappearing on my calender. First of it is in my opinion absolutely important to never forget the sacrifices that were made by young men from abroad for the sake of freedom. Additionally I don’t consider myself an event photographer, yet like to make an exception for this airborne dropping.

This year’s event was combined with celebrating 2,000 years armies in the Dutch province I come from.

See previous photographs I made here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

22 thoughts on “Rehearsal not to forget

  1. He Wouter,

    Ik krijg onderstaand commentaar niet geplaatst?

    Wouter I can remember your foto’s from last year, this year you succeeded to make an even more better serie! The last picture is the greatest, I imagine myself back in time! Great job!

    Groet, Arjan.

    Op 22 sep. 2012 om 22:17 heeft “Wouter Brandsma 荷蘭” het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  2. They are so beautiful, the best pictures of the remembrance on the heath of Ede we have seen from you! Mom and dad

  3. I’ve never gotten any luck in shooting a waving flag, either the wind is gone or I missed the timing just by 0.1 sec 😦 Clearly you’ve nailed it! The b&w made the viewers traveled back in time for a minute. And it’s the right choice to dress the photos this way.

    I like the slight bokeh to isolate the messy tree/light source. I’d also been trying the the past two three days myself during the day.

    1. It is all repetition Alan. Multiple planes flew the same path. It is all about recognizing the repetition, the patterns, and the movement. It is the same with so many subjects in my opinion.

    1. Thank you Sheri. It is so easy to celebrate the succeeded, yet so hard to commemorate the defeated. Either way, their sacrifices and the obligation we have to keep alive what they thought was worth fighting for makes it valuable to me.

  4. I always enjoy viewing your shots of the Operation Market Garden commemoration and am genuinely touched that the sacrifice of my fellow countrymen is still honoured and remembered after all these years.

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