Arranging thougts

2012, Photography

Sometimes thoughts move up and down, and bounce from one side to the other. A friend said that even when you’re not actually making photographs, you still see them. For me though, connecting to these photographs, even if I only see them, is what truly matters to me. Even if I don’t like them, which often happens, the connection with my feelings made it worth the effort.

Last month I hardly took any photographs, physically or mentally. While what I see doesn’t connect, it is certainly not that photography is on my mind. I am working on a photobook, though the progress is slow. I participated in another photography related project, but more on that later (not this post). Currently though time is my biggest enemy.

I try to refocus om new stuff and try to get rid of the distracting bits. I stop with the local photography club. For some the internet is shallow, but I witnessed great friends, good photography, and good discussions. Sure there is a lot of crap out there, but you can skip it easily. While I appreciated the conversations on a photography club, the regularity was difficult to combine with family life and work (reason why the average age is rather high). The costs participating in a club are relatively high with printing and traveling. And I never witnessed a personal progress.

Upcoming Tuesday I will be visiting Photokina, but not so much for the gear. Sure the new stuff will be interesting, just check all the excitement on photography forums, but I feel absolutely no need to change it.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

4 thoughts on “Arranging thougts

  1. Interesting post Wouter. Just last night I posted my “last” photography blog post – family and work require my time and there is very little left for photography. Hope we both can find more of it someday!

    1. Always sad when a blog basically stops. Sometimes it the best to do, but given all the effort made it remains sad. Reason why I won’t stop this blog, but I have to get used to this new rhythm. And I think that applies to you too.

  2. Arranging thoughts while these trains pass by. Arranging thoughts while riding these trains. And ain’t commuting just the physical equivalent to what our minds already does? Ramble, relocate, find rhythm, arrange & start a new. And ain’t that beautiful captured waiting the end & the beginning of our mind-like strolls?

    “Who knows where the sidewalk ends / Well, the road will turn and the road will bend” (Tom Waits, The World Keeps Turning)

    And in these sparse times of mine these unarranged & arranged thoughts of yours as well as these visual pleasures of yours leads to arrange these thoughts of mine I had thought being already arranged. Strange feel, great imagery … that’s what it’s all about. Amazing, Wouter!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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