Images from the past

2008, Photography

For long I hesitated about this, but I decided to dig up some photographs from the past. These photographs are four years old and where taken with my Ricoh GX100.


The Great Emptiness – Lonely cyclist in the Valley

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

27 thoughts on “Images from the past

  1. These are gorgeous! Why would you hesitate? My only wish would be that I had the option to see them in a slightly larger format. I THINK I can see the cyclist in the lower right hand corner–is this correct. In any event, lovely B&W. Ken

    1. The cyclist is left of the line of trees. And nowadays I post images larger than I used to do. It is finding a mix between something that can still be read and has all the focus on the photographs.

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog, and I have to say I love these pictures – they are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thank you for these photos, they are great! They make me want to get out on my bike (even though it’s raining today) These photos may be old to you but they are new to you viewers! Keep on riding!

    1. I did show these a couple of years ago, but where delved under many later published blog post. My photography changed in the meantime, but I am considering returning back to landscape photography though. I feel I have more appreciation for the moments I capture when I am out in nature instead of the city.

  4. Glad you decided to post these. I hope it means we’ll see some current landscape based work from you, clearly you’ve not lost your feel for it..

    1. I spent a week in Germany and actually felt happy making landscape photographs again. I liked the process of observing how light changes everything and how lines and bends can shape a composition.

    1. I would feel honored, but it hasn’t happened though. I still remember the day I made both photographs though. A cold day in March, it had snowed that night, and early morning sunlight was slowly melting the snow.

  5. The great emptiness is something that suits me so well. After all these years. Covering ground, getting lost in the empty landscapes & coming nack to your pearls, Wouter, is what made my day. A great little story!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Glad you shared them, if I may say so.
    Pickin’ up old stuff is important as long as it doesn’t blur your current focus, the way you see things now.
    Our vision evolves, doesn’t it?

    I love these, anyway, but I’m not objective at all. I adore those landscapes and the way you see them.
    Thanks again for sharing

  7. I love photos taken by you, they inspired me a lot!
    I just got my first camera, Ricoh GX200 few days ago, and your reviews really helped a lot.
    Hope to see more beautiful photos from you!


  8. Your Zijdvang photo is superb.
    The lonely cyclist as well.
    I , too, would enjoy seeing them in a gallery — on opposite walls.
    Thank you for sharing your timeless gx100 images.

    1. Hi Nicolai, I still miss mine GX100. Ricoh kept it in 2008. I am currently a bit uninspired in photography, but I´ll get there. Hope you do well.


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