10 thoughts on “18b 19b

  1. This works well Wouter. The groups of objects amplifies his alienation. Everything is in 2’s 3’s 4’s ect. Then the eye is drawn to the black box on the window. It’s the perfect irritant for eye travel.
    It’s also the only other single alienated object besides our lonely man.

    1. Thanks Don. For me this scene worked because I looked at his back which amplified the strangeness even further. Additionally the quality of the light attracted me.

      1. Wouter,
        It’s all a part of it. Those that respond without question capture the decisive moment.
        Those that question read about the decisive moment.

  2. The light is grand here Wouter, it looks like this image was pulled off a hardcore Canon Video( but off course its not ), its beautiful!

  3. Damn, that really feels alienated. But it is as much fun to frown in this gem as it must have been shooting & processing this littel treasure of yours, Wouter!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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