Breaking the silence

Platform Staring

After a short hiatus of photographing, restudying my catalog filled with images, simplifying some post processing techniques, I stumbled upon photographs I took with my mobile phone in the last year. I kind of like the mobile phone for its simplicity. The fact that you only need to aim and press the shutter button. It is free from technique and you can focus completely on the composition and the subject. I know there are great apps available nowadays for post processing your photographs, but I still prefer to do so on my notebook. I however created an action in Photoshop in combination with a Silver Efex Pro custom setting that gives me quick results that I like.

Track 15

The quality of the images (technical IQ) is still not quite comparable to my Ricoh GRD III, but they might eventually get really close. Yet, it doesn’t really matter ’cause I kind of like “LOMO” lowtech simplicity and look. And I plan to use my mobile phone for a lot more occasions, especially for street photography.

Dividing Clarity

And it is amazing what some photographers are doing with their mobile phones. Just check some here at The Mobile Photo Group.

Where to go

Suspicious Stare

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma