week 17 | 2012

2012, Photography, Project

A week before a friend wondered if he could continue with his PAW-project (photograph a week). He felt it was fading and was full of doubts. I insisted he wouldn’t give up. And that remaiming persistent would eventuelly be rewarding. Half way week 17 he mentioned on twitter being in a flow and that excited me. And his post and photographs are worth seeing.

There is something about sharing thoughts, ideas, desires, doubts, and expectations with other photographers. Learning what they care about. Realizing that each and everyone has a desire, there own truth. And that many try to question themself without knowing what questions to ask. They like to challenge themself without knowing what they want to do.

There is so much we do subconsciously, and like editing our photographs or arranging a portfolio, it makes a lot of sense in my opinion to not rush this process. To create some distance with your work. It was certainly the best advice I got in 2008.

There is a lot we can learn from each other. By observing them while photographing, asking them what they love and fear. By realizing that the best subjects are there between the light and darkness, nearby and abroad, and that traveling doesn’t always have to be fysically.

Reason to, why I believe it makes perfect sense to share your thoughts and discuss photographic and general issues with a small group of people. Together we can strengthen and provoke each other.

And we don’t need a lot. The best subjects are often nearby, your family and friends. The places you live and work. Yesterday was such a day in the Dutch city Haarlem (the New York neighborhood Harlem was named after this city). We strolled through the city, covered for rain, drank lots of coffee, visited the Frans Hals Museum (was a Dutch painter from the 17th century Golden Age), had more coffee, and discussed a lot. Amazing inspirational days.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

12 thoughts on “week 17 | 2012

  1. Dear Wouter!
    This is my favorite post of your PAW-project so far. It shows al your skills finding the special view in an average environment. May by it has something to do with the “own truth” you were talking about. Big words for something intuitive. It’s a very philosophical way to speak about pictures. The philosopher interprets his observations and always has doubts about himself and the influences of his counsciousness in seeing things. Personally I prefer a less heated view on photos. But I’m fascinated how far you got with it.
    Cheers – KUM

    1. It really might all seem intuitive, but there is really nothing obvious about what we do. I don’t try to keep my view on photography heated either, but I absolutely believe we do things for a reason. Learning these reasons makes us more aware of what we do. Cheers!

  2. Well, I’m glad that tweet inspired my friend. Thanks for the mention on this post. Keeping a close group of like minded photographers, sharing, questioning, exploring, and experimenting is by far the best thing of having a blog in which to revel in all these details. If you’ve inspired me in more ways than I can express with a keyboard and perhaps one day we’ll be able to meet and chat personally about all these things that interest us, I sincerely say that because it would be amazing. Through these questions my own photography has grown and continues to move in all areas.


    Self Portrait and the first image.

    Cheers mate.

    1. You would do really well here, Jorge. Your last name is very Frysian like mine. ‘Sma’ means ‘son of’.

      Despite all the seriousness in being a dedicated photographer, it still maters to have fun.

  3. Looking at these weeks of yours & the accompanying words is like looking into the mirror, Wouter. It’s like finding out that with all these questions & doubts about myself & my photography I’m not alone. Finding out that there’s someone who asks himself the same questions without knowing the question itself makes me stronger for the next week, fro the next creative process & all the in-betweens. Setting myself again on the road to find out what’s so nearby & yet so far away. Thanks for that, my friend. And for another string of Wouter pearls.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Nice set. Especially like the piano keys, the rooftop, and the store front with dog walker. I think that last one may be one of your all time best images. But more than anything else I want to know if the dog is actually wearing sunglasses?! 🙂

    1. Surprising indeed, but it really looks like the dog is waring shades. The store front was a good background and I waited some time to see someone interesting pass by.

  5. Interesting point, Wouter! I think the real traveling is always made in our own minds but we often tend to find ourselves believing that exotic and interesting subjects must be far away. I sometimes wonder that I could spend a year just photographing my small backyard, capturing plants, insects, moods, shapes and colors… if I only have the talent and the persistence to do so.
    Your photos complement each other by connecting opposites; from strong vanishing perspective to frontal views, from infinity to close range, from dark to light. Love the set.

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