15 thoughts on “week 14 | 2012

  1. mooie foto’s weer Wouter, en zo’n week…die hebben we allemaal wel eens, hoewel de één heftiger dan de ander…
    voor mij spreekt vooral het (zelf?)portret eruit: hele mooie compositie, zo in het donker met het licht van de laptop…heel bijzonder!
    Fijne Paasdagen!

    1. Het zijn de onoverkombare weken. Ze horen er gewoon bij. Het zelfportret ontstond heel spontaan en het idee kwam van het licht wat op mijn hand viel vanaf het scherm.

  2. Hello, Wouter:
    Love your new pictures, and can understand your moving back and forth between color and black and white. Why not work in either one when the moment seems right, as you seem to be doing already. In Art, I’ve heard, there is no “you must” or “you should”.
    In reference to your Friday photograph: seeing it I remembered a wonderful series of closeup black and white shots by Irving Penn of trampled and twisted, flattened, dried cigarette butts and other detritus, which always struck me as gravely beautiful. Do you know them? Happy Holiday!–Best, John

      1. Hi, Wouter: Just saw your reply to my note–the Irving Penn photographs I’m referring to are in a book of his platinum prints. Unfortunately the book is now hard to find. Perhaps in a library somewhere in Europe? –Best, John

  3. A week of waves & brilliant monochromes. And I must confess this Saturday frame is just so one of a kind, Wouter. Maybe he’s so special to me, because it feels like this week: Standing in the shadows while traveling through a week & world full of contrasts & harsh light. Just to end up in front of the screen somewhere in the middle of the night. A somehow quite place just like waiting on that bus or standing in front of that fence or watching the deserted station. Peace of mind at last after alle the sadness, tears, laughter, rubbish & joy. Excellent, my friend. Truly excellent!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Totally cool Wouter! 😉 I always look at color as mood and experimentation. I have to be in the mood and I have to feel like experimenting. But black and white is where home is 😉 for me. These as always are fantastic and I especially applaud you for being able to get so close and clear on a couple of those. Very nice work 🙂 – John

  5. Excellent pictures, Wouter, and so good to see lots of mono! The second one down is very good, and then, two below it, the raindrops on the glass. And that last shot, the main in the train, maybe that’s the best of them all – I love the lighting! Adrian

    1. The woman in the train was comfortably reading a book and didn’t notice anything which preserved the situation well. When the man outside appeared on the platform it couldn’t be better for me.

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