week 11 | 2012

2012, Photography, Project

I like photography unexpected and unplanned. I try to photograph free and unrestrained by predefined projects. It is what I prefer to do. The unexpectancy takes me to moments I would otherwise not notice. For instance take the last day of this week. We wanted to photograph in the Dutch harbor city Rotterdam, but due to railway problems we ended up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in an Irish pub in Amsterdam.

And I know quite some people ask me how I can persist continuing photographing each and every day. Sometimes I really don’t know. At such moments it almost feels like an automated process, but very often I just really enjoy the flow of recognizing something interesting. Most importantly though I feel the end results becomes less relevant. It just really takes me away from some of the daily stress. Just 15 minutes, often even less. And just a moment without worries, a moment to recharge. Every day can be a challenge and I certainly don’t want to turn my passion into a stressful process either.

And on a side note. In between all the gear oriented websites I currently mostly look forward to the weekly Digest updates by LPV Magazine. It is one of the best regular photographic reads in my opinion. It for instance takes you this wonderful and sometimes even hilarious series “Maddie the Coonhound“.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


20 thoughts on “week 11 | 2012

  1. Whoa dude! These are some crazy good shots! The 1st is a real eye grabber but the last one is incredible! My kinda shot. I love following your work, you’re a real inspiration.

  2. A moment to recharge … I know that feeling all too well, Wouter. My job takes me running down a lot of highways. And I love that moment when I park the car somewhere to pause & smoke a cigaretee while looking onto some boring German countryside with nothing but slighty rolling hills & some power lines crossing. The moment I like to capture, the frame I took. Nothing exciting but something that just feels good.

    And by the way, Sunday, Friday & Saturday are amazing. Three highlights of my past week.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. The last picture is beyond stunning.

    (BTW, due to some silly WP.com changes, I cannot use my real email address to comment on WordPress blogs. So I had to use a fake one).

    1. I don’t know, but there are some changes happening at WP.com. Most noticeably in the CMS dashboard.

      But thank you anyway. I kind of like that last photograph too.

  4. your photography is like life itself, always new, always amazing, always full of expectation, thanks for let us know your surrounding world.

  5. I love your photo series, Wouter, they always have fresh, new and unexpected things – you certainly have imagination! Here, the top four get to me, probably the tree with the red and white markings most of all. The top one is really quite surreal. I like your style! Adrian

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