week 10 | 2012

2012, Photography, Project

All too often there are weeks that not much is happening, but this weekend I was excited that my friend Jorge Ledesma from Miami finished and posted his interview with me. You can read the interview here. Through this interview I also saw some great photographs and a cool blog by Canadian photographer Patrick La Roque.

Last Friday I saw this fantastic looking online quaterly photography magazine, Edits. And I like the navigation too. And I saw this excerpt from an interview with Lee Friedlander that gives meaning to how he worked as a photographer. Something I can truly rely too.

I love to travel, to discover, to venture in the unforeseen. With most of my surroundings however not really changing, except for the seasonal changes, I gradually try to experiment more with less conventional compositions and more staged photography. I do so, because I like to see how obvious things look like on a photograph.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

25 thoughts on “week 10 | 2012

    1. Há Jan, bedankt voor je commentaar. Het was een interview dat wat tijd kostte, maar het was heel interessant en gaf mij ook een goede kans terug te kijken op mijn eigen fotografie.

  1. As usual, these are amazing, lovely tones, lovely colors, the emptiness which I love, pure Brandsma !!

  2. Sterke serie Wouter! Deze foto’s geven mij een positieve boost! Ik vind je kleurprocessing erg mooi en hierdoor creeer je je eigen stijl! Ik hoop dat
    je voorlopig nog doorgaat in kleur!!

  3. To venture in the unforseen & suddenly noticing that the things around us change when we only try to change the perspective. The zen of photography or simply the reason why my camera never leaves my side. And for sure the reason I was stuck in the past weeks & right now being stuck in another great photographic Wouter week.

    Sunday & Tuesday is just hypnotizing, Wouter. But every day seen through your eyes is so inspiring & a gem!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. We sure can change our perspective in so many ways. It is however important that you really want this. Color most certainly helps me to see things from a different perspective. It changes mood, both in photographs as me personally.

  4. Wouter, I admire your ability to deal with shooting in hardly changing surroundings. For years, I have been taking pictures in the streets of The Hague, and in the end I lost all motivation. I was just repeating myself over and over again. That’s why photography became such a struggle lately.

    So, I have decided to take a photography break. Maybe for the time being, or maybe even for good. I really want to focus on other things right now.

    1. Maybe our expectations challenge us the most. After last year I learned that photographing without expectations felt very liberating. It took away the relentless desire to grow and become better. The ever desire that the next photograph should be better than the previous one, can be killing. Life is full with tough requirements, stuff to deal with, the “must do’s”.

      Except that the things you do repeatedly pass by. It can make sense to except this as the fact of life. Even when you start something differently you will keep rehearsing yourself. Do the things you love.

  5. Wouter – good photos – as always! I love the close ups of faces that you do, they are very intimate and striking. I do similar things but cut the faces exactly in two – but I think your photos are the more striking.

    I also love the top photo here – very well seen and very imaginative! And the person flat out on the ground, beside the tree. You have a very good and imaginative eye! Adrian

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