week 10 | 2012

All too often there are weeks that not much is happening, but this weekend I was excited that my friend Jorge Ledesma from Miami finished and posted his interview with me. You can read the interview here. Through this interview I also saw some great photographs and a cool blog by Canadian photographer Patrick La Roque.

Last Friday I saw this fantastic looking online quaterly photography magazine, Edits. And I like the navigation too. And I saw this excerpt from an interview with Lee Friedlander that gives meaning to how he worked as a photographer. Something I can truly rely too.

I love to travel, to discover, to venture in the unforeseen. With most of my surroundings however not really changing, except for the seasonal changes, I gradually try to experiment more with less conventional compositions and more staged photography. I do so, because I like to see how obvious things look like on a photograph.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma