week 8 | 2012

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This week was all about social media. Many photographers tumbled over the pros and cons of social media. With the launch of Pinterest there is another social media service that makes it so easy to share content by others across a huge online crowd. How much social media is needed? Are you feared by ignorance of copyrighted material?

I am on Twitter and Tumblr. And I used to be on Facebook and Flickr, although my photographs on Flickr can still be seen. I felt Facebook was a drag and I was relieved to delete my account earlier this week. I have thought a very long time about my Flickr stream and wanted to stop two years ago until I decided to upload my PAD photographs there too. For a long while Flickr was my only social media presence and that slowly changed in the past five years. My blog sort of replaced Flickr. I used other media sourced too to engage with other photographers. Now I use my blog and Tumblr for sharing my photographs and I use Twitter for general stuff, like politics, and some photography.

I the past I was truly concerned about other people showing my photographs without my approval. Hunting down those who ignore my copyright statement could take a lot of time. In the last two years I stopped worrying about that. In fact, I think that if someone likes a photograph or a blog article they are free to share that with others. I only ask for my credits and a link back. That is all.
It does take away some burden for me and I now only use the tools I “like“.

Last week was hard and the images showed it. I had several mail conversations with some about my regular posting. And about the rehearsal patterns in my photography. It could be a drag, but also signs of life. I mean, I believe life is like a constant déjà vu. And sometimes things happen to trigger a chain of new events. I guess I therefore needed the previous week. When I started this new week I knew instinctively that I wanted to use color, no B&W. Not necessarily because it echoes my current feelings, but more to evoke them. Therefore I will try to do color photography for a while.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


33 thoughts on “week 8 | 2012

  1. Yes, life can be like déjà vu. We are creatures of habit and those random fluctuations in our daily lives can open a door that we choose to close again or step through, however small or subtle the change might be… it all adds up I suppose.
    Really liking your colour treatment here.
    I’m quite new to this WordPress thing – I’m just finding my feet here, but it’s been a fairly comfortable experience so far.
    I also use Tumblr – I really use it because there seems to be a lot of images there that I enjoy from other photographers.
    I have a Flickr account, but it seems to sap my energy…
    Regards, Steve

    1. I find Tumblr quite inspiring too and I find it easier to follow what has been posted by those I follow. Flickr was too intensive and I thought it was hard to find really good stuff among the huge uploads. I briefly tried 500px too last year, but really didn’t like it. In a Twitter conversation last year we discussed 500px and Flickr. I concluded: “Flickr Explore probably says a lot about general taste. 500px says a lot about how photogs think they can achieve that.”

      On these platforms people can become aware of the effects of popularity and act and produce accordingly.

      1. Yes, I think of Tumblr as a filter service for Flickr a lot of the time! As you say, Flickr is too busy.
        I also tried 500px and you are exactly right in your conclusion. Good luck to people who go down the 500px path, but it’s not for me.

  2. Wouter,

    Sunday and monday are masterpieces.

    I guess sunday will need studiolights to get there, and black velvet,things i do not own,

    but the monday forrest pic is a marvel,

    love the color tones, the crispy sharpness and the blurr in front and behind the in focus area, fantastic,

    please share how you made this one, cam settings, pp?

    Thats the one i want to try to copy from this weeks series.

    Thanks for sharing Bart

    1. Bart, I don’t own studio lightning and black velvet either. What I do own is a black leather couch placed along a window. The outside light causes a backlight scenario. By carefully overexposing I made sure to get enough light on her face. The outside light made her hair shine.

      When it comes to the Monday forest photograph make sure to have a fast lens (the widest apertures between f/1.5 and f/2.8). The fast aperture and close focus subject makes the background go out of focus. For the light it is best to go out early in the morning or late in the evening. At these moments you will find the golden light when the sun shines. For PP go for some warm toning to let the bright background go from bright white to modest yellow. And make sure to add more contrast.

  3. A much brighter week. The family pictures are wonderful: a lovely (and I expect a bit rare) pensive moment on the couch and an upbeat one with your son. Very nice. The circles on the gate look almost like (flagless) musical notes on a score. Not entirely sure what key the scene behind them is in, but the tune is very interesting.

  4. I’m a sucker for subtle symettry in photographs, I love the house with the political (?) signs outside.

    I also suspect that the first and last frames will become treasured memories as time marches on. Beautiful.

    Kind regards,

    Matt Kirwan

  5. Sunday and Monday are amazing. Composition, colour and mood are perfect.
    Keep going; I (we) need the inspiration!
    All the best.

  6. And your language is loud & clear in colour, Wouter! I think it’s not a question of colour or black & white. It’s more a question how we see the things. I found some pretty signature language in your frames may they be colour or not. Maybe because you use colour so sparse. Maybe because you really speak out clear in your imagery.

    To me the night is always colourful. Sometimes I roam the streets at night & all I can see is colour. Maybe it’s the blue light. Or maybe it’s the red the seems to glow in the night. It’s these moments that I can’t think monochrome. Just like I always think about getting rid of my flickr account, the only social network & concentrate again on my blog. Noticing that I already do while sticking around on flickr.

    Another great week of imagery & thinking. Thanks for that, Wouter!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. Since fighting (and currently successfully) my back pain with walking a lot, I often stroll the streets at night now. And like you, Fritsch, I noticed all those interesting lights too. They make such ordinary subjects look so incredibly interesting. I think I made change the next week into night photography week giving these lights and colors a proper chance to interact with me.

      Where I tend to use my blog as a diary, I like to use my Tumblr blog as a scrapbook. Many of the photographs that saw the light in my Flickr stream will be posted at Tumblr combined with my cell phone photographs. I think I used Flickr to seriously instead of a scrapbook. And maybe the entire commenting excelled that. Therefore I kind of like Tumblr. It is just posting and sharing. Quick and simple.

      Love your latest photograph on your blog by the way.

  7. Covering with your own colours life is like knowing how is your path, i´ve notice colours in this week post but different colours as life itself, wonderful job.

    1. Hi Rey, I recently saw your images on Jorge’s blog from Cuba. Great to see you here.

      Maybe my colors don’t reflect the pure, common reality, but they sure reflect my realities and feelings.

  8. Favorites 1st, 2nd, and last, these are very good Wouter. If I had to pick the 1st image would win hands down, the lighting is beautiful and it records a wonderful candid moment.

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