week 5 | 2012

2012, Photography, Project

The previous week I finally pulled down my project’s website and replaced with a neater arranged portfolio website. During the years I hope to add additional series and re-arrange the current ones. And a few weeks ago I started a Tumblr blog (which you might have checked already) with my cell phone photographs.

The essence for me now is to focus on walking as much as possible to strengthen my back and to conquer the pain, which is thankfully working out pretty well for me this week. It also means going out as lightweight as possible with either my little Ricoh or cell phone.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


17 thoughts on “week 5 | 2012

  1. Through the snow, lightweighted & smiling. Walking off the blues & the pain. And there won’t be any closed doors in the end. These days we have the first snow round here & it’s getting pretty, pretty cold but these monochromes of yours warms it all up. And suddenly I’m remembered that the coldness & the snow are fun if we only let that happen. Thanks for another warm ride through this cold week & thanks for another string of pearls, Wouter!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. Beautiful photographs showing the snow that arrived :-). I particularly like the one with the bicycle which is a great capture of the scene.

  3. Hi Wouter,

    Always enjoy the passion and depth in your shots.

    One thing – I don’t presume to know the source or extent of your back pain. But let me share this with you:

    For YEARS I suffered with on and off back pain and TERRIBLE sciatica all down my right leg. I am now 48 and active, and have had only 2 bouts of back pain only, in the last 12 months – and both of them lasted no more than 3 days, where in the past they lasted up to 3+ weeks, and occurred with MUCH greater frequency.

    What changed?

    Sounds strange, but I read this book Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. You can get it on amazon for a few dollars.

    A friend of mine passed this book on to me in the same way. I wasn’t too keen on it, but I am open-minded, and as you can probably understand… I was also desperate for relief.

    Since I finished the book, my pain has been close to zero, and episodes few and far between.

    Maybe it will bring you some relief as well.

    Either way, good luck with your back and thanks for your beautiful photos,

    Craig Garber

    1. Hi Graig, Welcome and thank you for the suggestion. I know walk constantly and every day. Last week I literally walked through my pain and that felt strange, but also gave an exciting feeling.

  4. I like the first and last shot. The girl seems to enjoy the snow a little more than me 🙂

    And i must say that i get more and more hooked on your photography. I looked through the galleries in your portfolio website and in the Pad gallery there was a lot of very good photograpy.

    I followed your progress last year, and it got me inspired to do a similar projekt this year. I hope i can keep it up.

    Cheers from Sweden.


  5. Hi Wouter,
    Congratulations on getting your portfolio in order. That is something I have needed to do for so long and somehow cannot summon the will to do it.

    One suggestion: is it possible to make the thumbs larger on the posterous gallery pages? They are so small.


  6. Wouter, even more respect for you commitment. As you know, I took a stab at a PAD-project myself, but after 3 weeks of fun it became a real struggle. The days I didn’t feel like shooting were too “stressful”.

    No regrets, but I am happily going back to shooting and posting when I feel like it.

    1. I absolutely recognize that, Robert. Last year after 3 weeks I had pretty hard times with my PAD-project and had no idea how to continue it. Things started to change however halfway February.

      Good luck photographing, Robert.

  7. Again thanks for your photos. I look forward to Sunday wondering what you will be posting. Glad your walks are helping your back. My son pulled some back muscels and streching really helped him.

    1. Stretching and walking a lot is the best right now. Editing Saturday night is not really my biggest issue. Making these blog posts however takes up most of my time. I am always glad that I have finished it.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better Wouter. I love #4,5, the last one of your daughter looks very nice as well.

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