week 3 | 2012

Last week series where for me photographs that were focused on the hope for change. Another MRI-scan and a planned consultant for a possible back surgery. This week (Wednesday) however I learned that my back problems are inoperable. I need to deal and life with it. That sure was a disappointment, but it is true. I need to continue. Pain is just one of the hazards and thankfully there are so many other things that matter. This series for me became more melancholic this week, but not necessarily more depressing. Even though the images are dark, they also show signs of escape routes. Especially the Friday photograph shows a large gap in the fence that leaves room for changes. And since I am in control I took the Thursday photograph. For me, good reasons to keep continuing this PAD project.

The more aware reader might have noticed that I removed the Flickr link at the top menu of my blog. It is a conscious decision after many years of using Flickr is a sharing facility for my photography (actually since 2006). But keeping up track at some many websites takes up a lot of time. Time I much rather use for my photography and strengthening my back to cope with the daily rigors of life. Therefore I won´t be updating my Flickr stream anymore and plan to delete my account by the end of the year (or just keep it so I can occasionally comment or see the work by others).

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma