week 2 | 2012

Last night I watched a documentary on Vimeo, PressPausePlay, about the democratization of art and how technology and internet has empowered the people. But it also is questioning whether these changes have made art better or that is becoming increasingly more difficult for talents to be noticed. I consider this documentary highly recommended and it sure brings a lot of food for thoughts.

I know it is only week two of 2012, but after a year of extensive daily photography it is fascinating that it still feels like week two. Week two though with the knowledge of 54 weeks. And in week two many manufacturers fought for attention to get their new products noticed. While some new cameras seem really interesting I have hardly any interest in these products, because I really think I use what I really need. The essence of photography is not the technology. Sure it enabled photography and you at least need a camera to capture light, but the kind of camera you use doesn’t really make you a better or worse photographer. Experience and knowledge comes with years of practicing and learning, not with a better piece of equipment or software. Technology can help you, but not make you more distinctive.

For this weeks additional thoughts about a particular photograph I pick up the sixth, Friday, photograph. I regularly photograph from inside a car through the car window. I particularly like these kind of photographs, because they provide me the sense of moving on in a direction. While the general movement in these photographs is forward, a mirror can still give a glimpse of what is left behind.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma