week 45 | 2011

2011, Photography, Project, weekly project

It was a week of being on the move, constantly on the move. Thankfully I finished my writing about the Pentax Q.

It was no way easy to find some time for photography. Exception was the Wednesday night when we visited a photography studio in my hometown. A small tour, some background from the photographer Fred van de Heetkamp, and the chance to photograph with a couple of models in the studio with different lightning. It was kind of awkward though to shoot models you don’t know in a location with many photographers.

It was the kind of week that happened in a flash. As soon as I realized I was halfway week 45 had ended.

It got me thinking about a way to freeze a moment in time.

Yeah, of course photography is all about that. But with hardly any time and light available I looked for different options.

Just to figure out for me if it really works I started using the small flash on my Ricoh GRDIII at night. To see if the flash can at some depth in my compositions, but also to make you look at things differently.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


10 thoughts on “week 45 | 2011

  1. Nice series, Wouter.
    It is of course kind of natural, maybe, to like pictures of kids with animals, but I like the photo of your daughter with the donkey (or is it a horse?).
    The others are nice and contemplative, dark and moody, as usual 🙂

  2. The girl and donkey is priceless. The photo made my mouth drop and I just stare at the photo. If ever a picture told a story this one did.

  3. Wouter, wonderful photo, the girl and the donkey. The short focal length draws one into the picture.

    I sold my GRD, but am missing it. I may pick up a IV. The simple operation of that camera is so great. I did just get a G3 with a 20mm 1.7, that I’ll be playing with in the near term though.

      1. You are right, definitely should have kept the GRD. I won’t make the same mistake with the G3. I got rid of the GRD because I thought I needed more focal lengths and figured going to another high end compact with a zoom was the answer. It’s gotten me some more shots that I would have gotten with the GRD, but I can’t say they are better. I think I just work better with a prime. Otherwise, I find I’m just zooming with the lens and framing that way as opposed to picking a particular focal length and making a shot that works at that length. It all comes down to discipline, but leaving home with a camera and one focal length is a way to force that. The G3 will allow me to choose a longer prime in the future if desired. I truly wished the GRD came in a 40mm length as well as 28mm.

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