week 44 | 2011

Some say the camera does matter and some say it doesn´t. In my humble opinion I believe for the sake of the image it doesn´t matter, but I still prefer to work with tools that give me the reassuring feeling that I am in control. So this week I am back to my Ricoh GR Digital 3 while trying to finish the Pentax Q article. Respect for those who finish their review articles after only a week of reviewing. I am not like that. I feel I have to come to terms with what I have been doing. Finish too soon and I might not have given it a fair chance. Too late and the thoughts will be surpassed by the present.

And likewise it is with my photography. I don´t try to give up too soon, but I also don´t try to be excited too early. Things have to settle and it is good to distance yourself from the things you do.

I enjoyed the color photography I did recently and it felt like I finally gave it a fair chance to adapt it. That I returned to B&W now does certainly not mean that I gave up color. I just need to give it some time like a good bottle of wine. I need to see and feel what worked and didn´t work for me.

And I think that is really important. My objectives in photography are not to make more beautiful photographs. No, my desire is more within me. A more personal reflection and for that I believe it makes sense to learn more about my good and bad things. To not be afraid of making mistakes, not to fear my uncertainties, and to find inspiration in my vulnerability.

Good photography is like a diary, you kind of witness and undergo the person behind the camera.

And I believe that the imperfections all makes it so interesting. And for that I like to thank a young Dutch photographer and student at the Royal Academy of Art, Eva van Bemmelen, to make me part of her “artistic family“.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma