week 42 | 2011

2011, Photography, Project, weekly project

This time I post this a bit earlier then usual, but I will hardly have anytime for this post tomorrow.

Still one more week with the Pentax Q to go, but I have to admit that I miss my other cameras. I miss the roughness and sketchy look of my Ricoh GRD3 and comfortableness of my Panasonic GF1.

And to give my photographs that B&W sketch look I like, I edited most of these in the app SwankoLab on the iPhone.

I guess, I need that sketchiness. It is a bit like life. Nothing is perfect and the appreciation of life is there where life is less perfect. Nothing is obvious in life, everything comes at a reward or price.

Funny how some cheap iPhone apps can give me something I want.

Next week I will start writing my impression article about the Pentax Q which I want to publish early November. Need an easy job this time.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


14 thoughts on “week 42 | 2011

  1. So using the Q for a while might be a useful experience anyway, as – once again – you get the confirmation that you actually own the cameras that suit your photography style (GRD3 + GF1).

    No need to look for the “next big thing” 🙂

  2. Interesting pictures, as always. But I have a technical question. You took the photos on the Pentax, but processed them through an iPhone app? How does that work? I like a lot of the iPhone apps, but don’t have an iPhone. Is there a way to access the apps to use with a regular digital camera?

  3. I love all your pictures . I feel a little sadness and emptiness in them but to keep that up is al a tremendous effort. Great work.

  4. I also like the shot of the woman and the dog.

    With your comments of post processing using a iphone app it makes me wonder why you haven’t gone more down that route and use your iphone more? I think next year I may get an iphone simply to make it my everyday camera because of the ease of use and the apps to process the captured shots.

    Is there a particular reason(s) why you still currently use your GRD3 over your phone?

    1. I use an iPhone 3G with a 2 megapixel camera that is not even close to the 3GS and the 4. I prefer my smaller cameras therefore. I understand the iPhone 4S is very good.

  5. Every single frame a gem. Every single frame a treasure, Wouters. Every single frame a stunner. And every single frame a mindblower. Terrific!
    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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