week 40 | 2011

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As promised all of the photographs these weeks are/will be taken with the Pentax Q. I currently received the Q with the 47mm f/1.9 lens and it is incredibly small. I can imagine it being too small for most western hands. I attached the 34mm Olympus optical viewfinder since it is the closest viewfinder I have to the 47mm focal length. And it is not really a problem since I find the Olympus viewfinder to be closer to 40mm.

I know a lot of people are strongly opinionated about small sensors. And many even think that the new breed of 1/2.3″ sensors are even more mediocre than the 1/1.7″ sensors like you see in the Ricoh GRD3 or the Olympus XZ1. Well, I tell you that this sensor and the image processing engine of the Pentax Q are actually very good. The jpegs are really good and it holds colors so much better at higher ISO rates.

Now, I won’t spill the beans yet. First more photographs need to be taken, more things to encounter, and to learn. In the meantime you can check Steve Huff’s review if you want to learn more about the Pentax Q. I hope to finish my impression article early November. I will never call it a review. There is nothing scientific in it. It is all about how I think a camera suites my photography.

What I do think though is that the Q with the 47mm is a great combination for close up portraits. And you don’t need that bokeh setting to get shallow depth of field with this lens.

And because it is still a small camera you use it freely which is great for unusual perspectives.

And interestingly, yesterday I visited an autism congress and learned that young siblings look at totally different things depending on their gender. Little baby girls look at faces, while boys look at light and shadows.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


26 thoughts on “week 40 | 2011

  1. I see something that remembers me of myself with a new camera. The photo,s are filled with a joy and pleasure that you have with using a great tool for the first time. Great to see.

  2. Interesting first set. Love the shadows on the stairs and #4 reminds me of the old Yardbirds song “Over, Under, Sideways, Down”. As always (for me) I’m looking forward also to some Q B&W.

  3. I have a super compact Panasonic DMC-FP8 that has a “folded” Leica lens, so it has no protruding parts; it almost looks like a cell phone. It’s got a tiny 1/2.3″ sensor too, but it’s given me some great pics (e.g., this series of photos). A good photographer with a good eye and a knowledge of image processing that gets the most out of any image, is going to make any camera look good…:-).

  4. Wouter, beautiful first photos from the Q. Still loving mine. My first impressions have been good and I’ve been shooting it quite a lot. So much so that even though I’ve been carrying my GRD III I have not shot a single shot with it since I purchased my Q.

    One interesting note for me is that this camera is so polarizing and interesting to people. People hate it without even using it. Others are so interested in it and I think it has to do with the visual aesthetic of the camera itself. The silver lenses pop on the black and draw peoples attention. People want to know about it. When I let them put in in there hands it “feels” like a good camera – at least to me.

    Anyway, I really love your first set and that image of your daughter is simply beautiful.

  5. As for any camera, if it gets you the results you were looking for, it’s a valuable camera. Brand and type are less relevant than most people like to believe.

    Personally, I still feel that the new breed of compact system camera – like the Pentax Q – is quite expensive. In the end, do they offer so much more than wonderful high-end compacts like the LX5, G12 or GRD III/IV? As you mentioned, the Q might be great for close up portraits. But is it really worth spending the extra money, for just one of two types of pictures? I’m not sure.

  6. Fantastic 🙂 I like when you throw in a splash of color every once in a while. I prefer B&W but that makes color that much better when you chose to pop it out. I also like to see Pentax get something done well. I look forward to reading your review. I hope all has been well. – John

  7. Wouter, fantastic shots, as always! I have been looking for a camera in the focal length range of the Pentax Q range since Ricoh refuses to make a 40mm GRD 🙂 I will be curious to read your impressions of the Pentax Q. IQ-wise, I have seen nothing to be concerned about, really. But reports of slow AF and even shutter lag in MF are disappointing. I do share your opinion that photography should not be about the camera but I do want a camera that doesn’t get in the way of making photos, if you know what I mean.

  8. Hello, Wouter:
    Just looked, more slowly this time, at this set of pictures and I love them. I particularly enjoyed your use of color, and far from weak, I found the yellowish cast almost otherworldly and strangely familiar as well. When you engage with color, you always surprise me with a wonderful island in the midst of your black and white work.–Best wishes, John Gregory
    PS: Wouter–it’s the 29th of October and B&H still does not have the Ricoh IV! I’m impatiently awaiting its arrival.–B, J.

  9. I read that you process your BW shots on Swankolab. Do you do the same on your coloured ones?

    BTW, I’m enjoying to receive my weekly subscription of your blog. I even made a folder on my email so that after I read them on my iPod, I will save them to that folder for future re-reading 🙂

    1. These color photographs were edited in Nik Color Efex Pro. And usually I edit my B&W photographs in Silver Efex Pro or Exposure 3. Swankolab was an experiment that worked really well.

      And thank you so much for subscribing.

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