week 36 | 2011

I enjoyed experimenting with color and it felt (and still feels) quite natural. And with these B&W photographs it might sounds strange to talk about color, but this week it felt just right go for B&W instead. I am not planning to stop with color. The decision making to go for either B&W or color is just one additional step in my creative process.

I also realized that I got too upset with some movements going on in photography, especially stuff marketing related of some individuals. It makes a lot more sense to me to focus on what I like and what I want. And I think we all should do so. Sure, it is great to get challenged by something else. To seek new inspiration, ideas, and feed our creativity. But when there is no set plan, we won’t find it. I for instance started this 365 project to kill the lack of creativity by taking photographs. And maybe, or even very likely, I will do much of the things I am familiar with, my comfort zone. But I do also now that over a longer period you can still define small and subtle changes. Sometimes we expect more, but is less more enough.

I have applied a new theme to my blog to make use of larger screen space. This is also the first post that I increased the size of the posted photographs. Please let me know if you think this theme works for you or not. By changing the lay-out and going for a single column style there is no widget column anymore that could quickly bring you to previous posts. Is this a problem for you? I know that navigation is one thing, but in my opinion this is a photography centric blog and I want to improve the viewing experience.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma