week 35 | 2011

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I don’t have cool photographs to share, and interesting thoughts to publish in free e-books. I study the work by other photographers and critics mean a lot to me. I am a stroll photographer.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


25 thoughts on “week 35 | 2011

  1. It’s all personal perception of course, but your images fall within my definition of “cool” photography.

    Workshops, e-books, endless discussions on online communities, getting more faves, collecting more followers – nowadays people are probably to much talking about photography, instead of actually taking pictures. Nothing wrong with taking one’s photography seriously, but the overthinking shouldn’t take the fun out of it.

    I say: less talking, more shooting. Regardless of your tools: fancy dSLR, small compact or unpretentious phonecam.

    1. It is the copy catting and the stream of photographers who seek fame which is bothering me. And it does so, because I think it harms the development and joy of photography for many others. But you see it everywhere, Photoshop guru’s, data visualization or life style experts. They say nothing, but market themselves very well. For me, it is all an empty shell. And it seems everyone seeks recognition and respect, but due to lack of creativity most do what others also do.

      The differences now is that everything happens so much faster. It is the power of internet, something extends in an incredible fast pace, and then there is the bubble.

      And tools are irrelevant. Sure they matter, when you know what you are doing. If it can take pictures, it is suitable for photography. The last photograph now being taken with a smart phone.

  2. Are you refering to those ego-shooters with 85mm lenses? Glad you’re not one of them. That’s why we come back to your stream – authentic photography, clever observations. Your signature. Just please do us a favour and don’t spend too much time thinking about those other guys. They go as quickly as they come. Definitely not worth your time.

    BTW: #4 is a wonderful frame. Love your color work.

  3. You are right Markus. I shouldn’t be bothered about these “candid” photographers. Photographically things aren’t going as smoothly and I am trying to find new inspiration and ideas.

    1. I guess I know what you mean. I completed my “Leica as a teacher” year just a few month ago ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/fingerprinz/sets/72157622073641680/ ). The one thing that I struggled with again and again was this notion that you have to produce great images every week. Images that meet your very own standards, which themselfs are getting more and more ambitious by the week. At times this created huge frustrations and as a result I found myself producing more of the same images – being it places or styles – I knew worked for me before. Just to be safe to have something to show. But at the same time you know that’s not it. In retrospect I know now that these where the times I should have experimented more with my photography – like getting out of your own comfort zone and taking images that don’t meet your standards and seeing where they lead to. Exactly what you do with your color work now. So different from your signature b&w imagery. I wish I had the courage to do something that different when I was in the midst of the struggle.

      1. I believe such projects are there in particular to experiment. Setting requirements to your own achievements can kill your creativity. On the other hand, learning what your comfort zone is and your visual language can be an achievement too. And don’t rush it. Very often you might return to what you most like. The changes moght then be smalller, but still there.

      2. Markus, I’ve thought of such a journey myself, on year, one camera, one lens B&W film. Do you feel it helped you? I’m not sure I could do it, at least not film. I like to shoot too much, the cost of film and developing would put me in the poor house:)

  4. I think your post last week (and the reference to it in this week) is one of the most inspirational photography messages I’ve read.

    Like you, I get a bit tired of the “look at me” show that is pretty common online. Street photography is a phrase I really struggle with… and I think that is largely due to the way the term has evolved online. I think your “stroll photography” is a much more accurate description of what it is I love to do.

    So, thanks! Keep up your stroll photography, I look forward to seeing it each week!

    1. Thank you Andrew. And I checked your blog and you’ve got a great set of stroll photographs there.

      Street photography can be very inspiring, but I prefer to stick to stroll photography. I love the mixture and greater diversity of photographs.

  5. Wow, now I see that I give my admiring comment on a older post but that is internet when you go via,via,via to a blog you like. It was the week before that I saw just 5 minutes ago. But my impressions still stand with this week.
    Great blog.

  6. Once again some very unique photos, my friend. I love the layers in the first one; the contrasting warm and cool hues really support the idea. Not to mention the person “lost” in the middle of it all.

  7. I like the wide format. It showcases the photographs more than the widgets… although those widgets can really be something. If someone is interested in widgets however, they can always scroll down to the bottom and find them there. And do they really make pink soccer balls? I’m feeling oddly frightened.

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