week 30 | 2011

Sometimes you have those weeks everything comes naturally. Call it flow or whatever. It just feels right, because well….. It feels right. The last few weeks felt pretty good and I was quite confident about my photography, but not this week. It kind of started with the feeling that I really didn’t want to take photographs. On the other hand I felt I needed a new challenge. As I mentioned last week my current project is not so much about the end result, but more about the ongoing process of learning. Already this year I experimented a bit with color and the last few weeks during my holiday I did so even more. It came to the point that I really wanted to try it for an extended time to shoot in color. It is something I am actually quite excited about. I want to feel and see color the way I do in B&W. Therefore I decided that the GF1 will be for color and the GRDIII for B&W. I think color can be a powerful addition the convey an emotion.

In the past I used to post some Sunday rants on my blog (and also wrote some impression articles about cameras which you still seem to read a lot). The last year I mostly focused on my photography instead, but there still is something that right now bothers me a bit. It seems street photography is currently the real deal. When you want to be acknowledged and appreciated, you need to do street photography. While I like doing it myself since a couple of years I still doubt whether I want to continue doing it. I mean, the street photographs I like the most are still the once where I keep more distance to the people and make the surroundings part of the content. Certainly different from the many in the face or hip shots you see now a lot. Probably, according to Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s Helsinki Bus Station Theory, many are on the same bus. Stick to it and eventually we will all take different photographic directions. So do I, I think, and to me the documentary and emotional value of a photograph and my photography become more important to me. Therefore not a particular type of photography, but the mix of photography types feels like my current and near present direction.

Last week also my Ricoh GRD3 returned from service. Ricoh kindly replaced the LCD screen. Almost the entire protection surface of the screen was gone. When you want to keep the LCD screen of your camera really well I really advice you to get some LCD protection. In the meantime I am totally happy with the GF1. Together with the Lumix 20mm lens it is a good match and a very capable camera for documentary photography.

Together with a friend from the US we started on a project to photograph roadside memorials. You know, those shrines where someone tragically lost his or her life in a traffic accident.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma