week 29 | 2011

When is something a flow? When does everything makes sense? When do images come without thinking? I still try to continue my current daily project with nothing particular in mind. Almost everything I did shoot this year was not event-driven, but the moment became the event. Light, shadows, joy, and pain. I started it to overcome moments of lack of inspiration. I started it, because I think every moment makes sense. Just like a mountaineer climbs mountains, because they are there. What do I have in mind with this project? It is a question that still bothers me. And maybe the end result doesn’t really matters me, but is the project it self the purpose of this project.

It has nothing do with using a particular camera or being a certain type of photographer. Be close to yourself. Unless it is your profession take the photographs you want instead of what the majority thinks is cool. Just ignore the Explore from Flickr or 500px‘s Popular Photos. Share when you want to share, but don’t share to get a lot of viewers.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma