Joined idiocy

Last Saturday I went with four other photography friends to Amsterdam. It was a meet up with some photographers I know from exchanging mail, blogging, flickr, twitter, or facebook. These kind of meet ups are always very good fun and very meaningful. You learn so much by observing others. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share our joy, fun, knowledge, doubts, to learn each other, and to basically have a good time.

We started at the World Press Photo exhibition in the Oude Kerk which is located in the (in)famous red light district of Amsterdam. As usual many of the photographs at the venue showed many human tragedies. Some intriguing, some horrible. I absolutely believe there is a necessity for this news and documentary photography, but I can understand too that for many it becomes too much. At the exhibit I was fascinated by Tomasz Gudzowaty’s essay about the Mexico’s Car Frenzy.

With the seriousness of the news and documentary photography at the exhibition it becomes apparent for me what a difference all photographers can make. Documenting normal life, with street photography for instance, gives the normality in all it’s facades a place to be appreciated too.

After the exhibition we went to an Irish pub for a drink and on a walkabout through Amsterdam in the afternoon.

Doing this outing was a good break from my ‘Photography a Day project‘. With this project there is a lot of emotional involvement going on and doing it everyday can put a strain on me at times. Getting out and doing something different can provide me the change to reset myself, so I enjoyed every minute with these photographers.

Thank you Arjan Aanraad, Björn Utpott (and Lindsey), Piet Osefius, and Pim Bonten for the extraordinary day.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma