week 21 | 2011

After another week of daily photography and carefully selecting my photographs I try to understand whether I already see a common theme in my photographs from the Photography a Day project. Admitted, I don’t shoot intentionally with a project in my mind. But I do know that I care for the things or people I see daily. My life is nearby. I don’t need to travel a lot from family to work. I have learned to appreciate the things close to me instead of traveling abroad. I don’t care if something is beautiful, ugly, interesting, or distracting. I don’t shoot to make me feel better. I want to reflect my mood in my images. I think previsualizing my projects can narrow my vision and outcome so I prefer to narrow down my vision and edit my images accordingly. Although I do realize that I am not the strongest editor, full of doubts, and unsure to finish my personal projects (remember that I still didn’t finish my first photography book which I’d planned to do late 2009).

I love cameras, but in the end I still believe they are just tools to capture reflecting light. I love viewing photographs, although I don’t have any particular favorites (although I do think that Don McCullin’s photograph of the shell shocked US soldier is still one of the most powerful image out there). I love my photographs printed, although my doubts makes me the biggest critic of my photography too. I do read, but mostly hate all those stupid discussions about more or less depth of field, raw or jpeg, image quality, reviews, or just whatever. Therefore I much rather prefer to read photography books, in fact I am thinking of buying William Albert Allard: Five Decades.

But most importantly I prefer to document life, in fact a lot is my life. I used to shoot landscapes, but started to change mid Nineties. I still think I am in a transition, but don’t know where I am now or what direction I am going. I have gone from preferring the end result to the process of taking the photograph. Learning, seeing, and feeling the moment. When I press the shutter it is done for me, finished. The post processing is no second life for my photographs, it is what I saw and felt that moment (I guess therefore I don’t really care about raw even though I shoot that too). But the best thing that happened in photography are the people I have met.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma