week 14 | 2011

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Usually reading photography gear related forums is truly tiresome. Sometimes though it puts a large smile on my face. See for instance here someone’s comment on the Fuji X100. And at the E-P1.net forum they summed up a lot of reasons why not to get a Olympus m4/3 PEN camera.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


12 thoughts on “week 14 | 2011

  1. It’s so disappointing and annoying to read these gear forums where everyone is so impolite. I don’t understand what it is about the psychology of gear that makes people behave so. When I buy a piece of gear I’m usually *more critical* of it then before because I am actually using it week to week. It’s disappointing because if you are interested in a camera you want to find out other’s experience with it, but instead there is just a lot of uninformed, juvenile bickering.

  2. I’m particularly fond of “Wednesday’s Child” (assuming you post chronologically, starting Monday). The composition seems to very effectively isolate the woman standing alone (bus stop?), being tilted toward the roadway by the slanting walkway, with her suitcase or, perhaps, portfolio valise. As a result, she seems somehow vulnerable, somebody the viewer cares about. It makes you a participant, engages you. Your imagination gets busy trying to “complete” her story. Anyway, as per usual, I probably do a poor job of saying why, but it’s another image that I’m quite drawn to.

    As I posted below, I do hope that you’re feeling better. Keep the posts coming, if you can. Those of us who follow along really do appreciate the work and the effort it takes. Thanks.


    1. Isolating a subject with a wide angle lens is a lot harder than with a longer focal lens. You have to be more aware of your surroundings to know what you don’t want to frame. The wide angle can however more effectively emphasize emptiness due to it’s perspective.

  3. Hi Wouter

    I really enjoyed ‘in between’ & ‘week 14’. I guess Spring has got you more inspired despite your back pain? I’m thinking, mainly shooting black & white, the less cloudy more sunny / contrasty spring days serve you well. Your knowledge of utilising natural light in your photos works so well & is inspiring!


    p.s. After commenting on a previous post about not needing or wanting new gear, I must confess I sold my Canon S90 and returned to Ricoh once again. This time, in place of my old GX200…. I have the GRD III. I can see why you enjoy using it so much……What a camera! 🙂

  4. Both those forums were funny to read, espcially the first one 😉

    I myself have the E-P1 and love it 😀

    Photo wise, again I’m loving your colour shots 🙂

    Ps, talking of the GX200 I have been lent my father-in-laws one while he is on holiday in the Far East with my NEX-3. Still don’t like it lol There is no ‘bite’ to the shots! I wonder if Ricoh will make a GX300 or are we now all meant to be buying into the GXR system?

    1. I am still figuring out how to do more color, but I notice I still don’t fully make the connection to utilizing color. Regarding the GX300. There won’t be one. It is all the GXR and I wouldn’t be surprised if the GRDIV will actually be a module for the GXR.

  5. Grappig om de twee links te lezen. X100 is echt zo gehyped dat de daadwerkelijke prestaties uit de reviews toch wat tegenvallen. Fuji komt dit jaar nog met de X200 en volgend jaar mogelijk met X 300. Ik zag op de site van Konijnenberg dat de X100 voor een kleine 1200 euro te koop is, zeer much money! Apart shot van de tenniscourt. Mooi de details van de ballen weergegeven op de foto.

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