In between

2011, Photography

While trying to photograph everyday and selecting a single photograph a day it becomes inevitable that I start ignore many other photographs. Therefore this in between post consists some of these selections. For all I used my Ricoh GRDIII which remains an amazing camera for free and unrestricted photography.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


4 thoughts on “In between

  1. Seems you are out of your blues – just great! Your B&W photos remind me of my youth, when my photos was appreciated by me, and just me :-)! But just keep going, you’re onto something great!

  2. Really nice series, these ‘tweeners. Each has a sense of “incompleteness” that requires the viewer to participate, to supply some imagination. If this is what’s not making the cut for your PAD project, I hope you make many more in between posts like this.

    How’s the back? I hope feeling better.

    1. Thank you Gregory. The back is feeling slightly better, although the MRI didn’t show anything physical. I will soon get a pain injection though

      With regards to the photographs. Thank you for your comment. I always try to evoke the Imagination in my photography. I don’t want to make observations.

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