week 6 | 2011

2011, Photography, Project, weekly project

This week wasn’t really the easiest. Time, moments, inspiration, mostly the lack of it. And my grandmother died last Thursday. We mourn, but are happy for her too. The Alzheimer struggle just took too long. The events kind of delayed my new Ricoh GXR article, but I hope that I can get it online within the two upcoming weeks.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


10 thoughts on “week 6 | 2011

  1. Wouter gecondeleerd met het verlies van je oma.

    Wat een mooi shot van je zoon. Vooral zijn blik in de lens en het speeltje op de voorgrond dat maakt het beeld compleet.

  2. my condolences
    I hope it was a peaceful passing.
    Looking forward to your GXR review.
    Hopefully this will be a better week.

  3. Hi Wouter,

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother as well. I heard about it via uncle Herman.

    I like the picture of your son. He looks a lot my oldest son. Interesting consider loosely related they are.

    1. Thank you Chris. It is the best for her after the long illness. And it happened just shortly before uncle Herman would leave for Idaho to see all of you.

      Even though loosely related we all share the same great grandfather. And my sister is blond just like your sisters and nieces.

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