week 3 | 2011

Week 3 was a tough week for my daily photography. It kind of felt like when you start with something new. Take running for instance, the first and second time it often goes better then expected. The third time however seems like a big mistake. Everything goes wrong, you kind of lost the feeling. I had to work really hard to get something up to my expectations.

I started on Sunday nearby to see the flooding of the river forelands.

I see this tree on a daily bases and so much has changed here (see the situation three years ago) and will change again in few years. It was Blue Monday and so much for the mood.

Tuesday was one of those days I actually wanted to forget. It was late, no light, nothing interesting.

A member of the photography club asked me about unobtrusive cameras and while she talked I took this grap with the Ricoh GXR. I later showed it and she told me she didn’t notice it.

I took this one early morning hand held at 1/6 sec. Leaf shutters makes so much sense in low light. Same tree by the way.

Friday morning was foggy and the light was lovely. Pretty good how the GXR performs at ISO 1600 and pretty different from what I am used to with GRD3. I hope to finish my writing about the 28mm lens in the upcoming two weeks. And speaking of writing, Steve Huff posted his Ricoh GRD3 review yesterday.

And this photograph contains some nostalgia to me. This is a Agfa Ambiflex and my grandfather used this camera professionally for many years.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma