week 3 | 2011

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Week 3 was a tough week for my daily photography. It kind of felt like when you start with something new. Take running for instance, the first and second time it often goes better then expected. The third time however seems like a big mistake. Everything goes wrong, you kind of lost the feeling. I had to work really hard to get something up to my expectations.

I started on Sunday nearby to see the flooding of the river forelands.

I see this tree on a daily bases and so much has changed here (see the situation three years ago) and will change again in few years. It was Blue Monday and so much for the mood.

Tuesday was one of those days I actually wanted to forget. It was late, no light, nothing interesting.

A member of the photography club asked me about unobtrusive cameras and while she talked I took this grap with the Ricoh GXR. I later showed it and she told me she didn’t notice it.

I took this one early morning hand held at 1/6 sec. Leaf shutters makes so much sense in low light. Same tree by the way.

Friday morning was foggy and the light was lovely. Pretty good how the GXR performs at ISO 1600 and pretty different from what I am used to with GRD3. I hope to finish my writing about the 28mm lens in the upcoming two weeks. And speaking of writing, Steve Huff posted his Ricoh GRD3 review yesterday.

And this photograph contains some nostalgia to me. This is a Agfa Ambiflex and my grandfather used this camera professionally for many years.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


16 thoughts on “week 3 | 2011

  1. Hi Wouter

    I noticed you were mentioned on Steve’s website which I have recently started to follow 🙂 You get around lol

    Looking at Steves shots makes me look forward to when it’s lighter and I can see more of your colour work.

    Will you be entering the M9 comp? I’ve decided not to simply as I don’t think I would get anything out of using one. I’m not feeling the love for taking photos at the moment. The act of taking a ‘good’ shot holds little appeal now.

    Still, I feel that will change in time.

    I like your bike shed shot. I wish that was a common site in my country.

    1. Color remains difficult for me. I think my 10D works better for color than my GRD3. But who knows.

      The M9 comp? I would love to participate, but I am working so much overtime now that I am just happy to take a single photograph. To make a good narrative photo or series takes up a lot more time. Not only the execution, but even more so the thinking part. I still think it is amazing that ~6 is donating his camera to hopefully support a talented photographer.

      And bikes? Go to Cambridge for instance.

      1. Well, I remain hopeful 😉

        ~6 donating his camera makes me happy in other ways. It is a major thing to do on its on but I like more the fact that while he is rich and successful, it hasn’t changed the fact he (and his wife) are fundamentally nice people and that makes me happy.

        Cambridge, Oxford and York are more exceptions to the rule here.

  2. Hanging in there is always a difficulty with these 365 projects. But we certainly cannot argue with your results, which are, as always, stellar.

  3. It’s an interesting project. It seems that you work on some sort of theme for a week. Then the next week, you reinvent yourself to keep the energy going.

    There’s a part of you in each image but without a careful eye, it could appear to be different shooters doing the work.
    I’ll be following the project as it’s always an interesting one to follow from start to finish. The growth during the time span becomes evident with the images…
    Looking forward to more….

  4. Ambiflex is a great camera,and Agfa color telinear F3.4-90mm also,I have the complete line of this lenses,and i have a Ricoh GXR
    unluckily,exist a rings adaptors for all mount cameras,except the Agfa Ambiflex-Agfaflex-Selectaflex
    In this moment i try with a chinese company…
    May be ?

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